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What is is a local government website belonging to East Hampshire District Council (EHDC). Services pertaining to key events in individual lives are delivered by councils like EHDC, often in exclusivity, i.e. getting planning permission for a home extension or researching the Council Tax band for a new home. In line with governmental duties, EHDC informs, safeguards and supports various aspects of our lives.

What can offer my business?

EHDC actively and continually invest in their web infrastructure to make public services simpler and better for their consumer base. Working with offers you a trusted, safe environment to reach people as they utilise essential services and content. As a result of EHDC’s efforts towards creating an engaging platform for consumers, increasing numbers of individuals are consuming more of their services online and have augmented confidence in the information they receive; an ideal environment for brand association and social engagement. 

Why use banner advertisments?

Recognised by Google as one of the top 3 ad formats online, Leaderboard banner ads comprise nearly a third of all served ad impressions. The use of banner ads can positively effect brand awareness, consumers leads and target audiences. 

Our service 

EHDC have partnered with Webcurl Ltd to offer advertising opportunities to local businesses on EHDC’s high-traffic website. We are offering you a cost-effective opportunity to use online banner advertising to target customers who are looking for the services you offer, as well as a quantifiable service that allows you to monitor your advertising campaigns.

Our package 

  • Each slot will feature one image based advert at any one time. 
  • Each advertisement is shown in rotation.
  • The image, to be supplied by the advertiser, will be 728px X 90px and in .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .png format
  • One fixed monthly fee of £200.00*  or £100.00*

*(package must be purchased quarterly)

Work with EHDC

How to work with East Hampshire District Council 

To secure your businesses place on please contact Ruth Palmer on 01865 741 762