Annual report 2015-16

Annual report 2015-16

East Hampshire District Council’s annual report 2015-16, which is called overview, tracks the progress of the council in the last financial year, and there are many positives to take from it.

By finding alternative sources of income and making efficiencies during 2015-16, the council has been able to reduce its share of residents’ Council Tax by two per cent. EHDC is possibly the only council in the country to have done this.

The council is leading the way with the transformation of Whitehill & Bordon following the departure of the Army from the town. The town was awarded Healthy New Town status and this will make the town a blueprint for how other communities across the country can be healthier and more vibrant. Whitehill & Bordon is one of only 10 towns in the country to be named a Healthy New Town.

Over the year the council has delivered over 100 daily services to over 4,000 businesses and 116,000 people, with a keen eye on value for money and the needs of customers. The council has also achieved:

  • Funding for sporting talent and apprenticeships, grants for local community groups and money into business start-ups that are supporting the district’s residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Prudent investments in property that are providing better returns than low savings interest rates.
  • Efficiencies are also being made, including joining with Havant Borough Council in an innovative procurement project to manage back office services that is forecast to save £3.8m over an eight year contract and a shared team managing a contract to deliver waste collection and landscape services.

The interactive PDF document (that can be downloaded or viewed online below) not only shows the council's successes of the last financial year, but highlights the direction of travel for our future.

Many of the articles will allow you to click through to websites as sources of further information on the subjects covered in the report in brief.