Change of circumstances

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If you receive Council Tax support or Housing benefit, you must tell as straight away if your situation changes. If you don’t, you may lose out on benefit or be paid too much and have to pay it back.

Benefits overpayment

An overpayment is when we pay you or your landlord an amount of Council Tax support or Housing benefit you were not entitled to receive.

If we pay you too much benefit, we will usually ask you to pay back the amount we have overpaid. This is called a recoverable overpayment.

What is regarded as a change?

If you, or anyone in your home:

  • Stops or starts receiving Income Support or income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Stops or starts working, or pay goes up or down
  • Stops or starts getting any benefit, pension, tax credit or allowance
  • Has any other change of income or savings
  • Gets married, separated or dies
  • Leaves your home
  • Leaves school
  • Moves house or changes rooms in a house shared with other people (even if this is temporary)
  • You are away from your home, and are likely to be away for more than 4 weeks

Any evidence requested in relation to your change in circumstances can be provided to us via a number of different contact methods. Photocopies of original documents are acceptable for this purpose.

Customers of state pension age

If you receive Pension Credit Guarantee or Pension Savings Credit, you must complete a change of circumstances form for those receiving pension credit if:

  • You are away from your home, and are likely to be away for more than 4 weeks
  • Someone who is not dependant on you moves into your home, or out of it
  • The income of someone who lives with you but is not dependant on you goes up or down
  • Your rent goes up (if you get housing benefit)
  • Your tenancy changes (if you get housing benefit)

If you only receive Pension Savings Credit, you should complete the change of circumstances form for those receiving pension credit if:

  • Your Child Tax Credit goes up or down
  • You start or stop getting Child Benefit
  • Your savings and capital is more than £16,000
  • The income or savings of a partner not included in the Pension credit claim changes