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A job with the council

Opportunities with East Hampshire District Council

Active Lifestyles

'Get Active East Hampshire' is designed to help you increase your physical activity levels for improved health and wellbeing

Alton University of the Third Age (U3A)

Offers all older people a variety of opportunities to use their knowledge, skills and experience and to acquire new ones.

Attractions in East Hampshire

Contacts for organisations running tourist/leisure attractions in East Hampshire

Bird Flu

Emergency Planning for Avian Influenza

Bordon Library

Building Control application

Submit a Building Control application electronically

Business waste

Information on waste disposal for local businesses


Questions and answers on burial and graves

Child Minding

Information on childcare and after-school clubs

Citizens Advice Bureau

Provides practical, reliable, up-to-date information on a wide range of topics, including benefits, housing, employment and debt, consumer and legal issues

Claim housing benefit

Help towards rent payments

Commercial property

Information on available commercial properties

Community Forum Bulletins

Articles and information on your local area and the district

Council Finances

Finance publications, fees and charges, how EHDC is funded

Council offices

Council tax

Information on council tax payments and valuations

Council tax benefits

Help towards council tax payments


Information on East Hampshire's countryside

Disabilities, social services, help for carers

Support and information available on Hampshire County Council's websiteExternal link - Hampshire County Council

Disabled person's parking badge

You can apply to Hampshire County Council's Blue Badge Unit


Information for driversExternal link - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

East Hampshire Network

A consortium of Community Associations based in East Hampshire.

Find funding or grants

Our grants portal East Hampshire 4 Community can help local groups find funding from over 2500 funding schemes from EU, national, regional and local sources.

Food safety

Help and advice on food safety legislation


Detecting and preventing housing and council tax benefit fraud to keep your council tax down

Garden waste

Information on our fortnightly garden waste collection service

Grants or funding

Information on grants. If you have any further enquiries or would like application forms please contact - Support Officer - Tel. 01730 234393 e-mail - support.team@easthants.gov.uk

Grayshott Library

Health services

The NHS in HampshireExternal link - Hampshire Primary Care Trust

Horndean Library


Current vacancies at the council


Libraries in Hampshire and access to the library catalogue and your accountExternal link - Hampshire County Council

Listed buildings

Within the 200 square miles of East Hampshire, there are over 1630 statutory listed buildings which demonstrates the area's rich heritage

Mobile Libraries

News & Press Release Archive

Latest news from East Hampshire District Council

Online benefit calculator

Simply fill out this form for an instant on-line Benefits estimate

Our Agenda for Change - Council Strategy 2008-2011

This Strategy brings together the aims and priorities of the Council for the next three years.

Partners Magazine

East Hampshire District Council's quarterly magazine

Pest Control

The pest control team offers a comprehensive service to help keep the district free from rats and mice and treats insect pests of a public health significance.

Places to stay

Details for accommodation including hotels, B&Bs, and caravan and camping sites


Search for planning applications, get help on planning applications, and other planning issues

Policies and strategies

Policies and strategies of the council

Public Transport links

Links to Information about Travelling by Bus, Community Transport (including Dial-a-Ride), Train, Taxi, Coach, Plane , Ferry & Park and Ride.


Information about recycling in East Hampshire

Register to vote

Choose whether the names of electors in your household will appear on the edited register, and apply for a postal vote

Report benefit fraud

Tell us if you suspect a benefit fraud is happening. All reports will be treated in confidence.

Road safety

News and information on road safetyExternal link - Hampshire County Council

Roadworks (Electronic Local Government Information Network)

Roadworks locally and across the country

Street care and cleaning

East Hampshire District Council is responsible for cleaning public highways

Taxi licences

Applying for a taxi and private hire vehicle license

Tell you about a change of address

Tell us your new address

Towns and Villages

Find out more about Alton, Buriton, East Meon, Grayshott, Horndean,

Trading standards

Information on trading standards - quantity, quality, price, description, safetyExternal site - Hampshire County Council

Up My Street

Online local information for your neighbourhood.External Link

What's happening

Events in East Hampshire

Abandoned vehicles

Removing of abandoned vehicles left on public roads or land

Alton Library

Animal licensing

Animal establishments like pet shops, riding stables, boarding kennels and catteries, and zoos need licences


Help towards rent payments and council tax payments

Births, deaths, marriages

Reporting birth, deaths and marriages in HampshireExternal site - Hampshire County Council

Building control

Information on building regulations

Bus tokens

A range of travel concessions for older people and people with disabilities

Car Parks

Find out where the EHDC car parks are and how much they cost

Cemetery services

Offers practical advice and support for those who have been recently bereaved and also to others who may wish to visit our cemeteries.

Children's services

Support from Hampshire County Council including fostering, information on bullying, youth services

Claim a benefit

East Hampshire District Council is working hard to make sure that people of all ages and backgrounds are aware of benefits they may be able to claim.

Climate change

What is climate change, what EHDC is doing, what you can do


Community matters in East Hampshire

Community Safety Team

Works to tackle issues that affect quality of life - like anti-social behaviour and crime.

Council meetings

Agendas, reports and minutes since 2000

Council performance

How we are doing

Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit

You can download East Hampshire District Council’s Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit form here, and find out more information


Find out who your councillor is and what they do


Local people working with the system to improve things in their communities

Disabled parking permit

You can apply to the Blue Badge Unit at Hampshire County Council, or online on their website

Dogs and animals

Find out more about dog wardens and licensing of animal establishments

East Hampshire Community Partnership

Links to websites for our partners in the East Hampshire Community Partnership


Information on elections and the Register of Electors


Rubbish left on public land will be removed

Forward Plan

The Forward Plan includes key decisions to be taken by the Council's Cabinet or full Council.

Freedom of Information

Point of reference for Freedom of Information (FOI) issues in East Hampshire District Council

Get Active East Hampshire

'Get Active East Hampshire' is led by East Hampshire District Council in partnership with many local organisations to promote active lifestyles

Grass cutting

East Hampshire District Council maintains many grass verges

Health and safety

Help and advice on health, safety and welfare at work


The Heritage Team provide advice for Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Trees, Landscape and Countryside

Housing Benefits

Find out if you are entitled to Housing Benefits

Leisure centres

Information on sports and leisure centres

Liphook Library

Local Education Authority

Link to Hampshire LEAExternal link - Hampshire County Council


Latest news from East Hampshire District Council


External Link to the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

Online Licensing database

Tells you which premises have licences for alcohol/ entertainment or hot food after 11pm, and who is licensed to drive taxis.

Our Customer Service Standards

Our commitment to our customers

Pay a bill

You can now pay your council tax, business rates, car park charges and other invoices online

Petersfield Library

Places to visit

Tourist attractions in East Hampshire

Planning permission

Information on how to apply for planning permission

Proposed South Downs National Park

Information about the proposal to create a South Downs National Park


Links to Hampshire County Council's website to give you information about rail travel

Refuse & Recycling Collection Days

Search for the day that your refuse or recycling is collected

Report a problem

Report, view, or discuss local problems like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting.External link

Resident's info pack

Contact details for organisations in the East Hants area (doctors, dentists, hospitals, public utilities & more...)

Roads, highways, pavements

Information about roads in HampshireExternal link - Hampshire County Council


Local schools (please note this is a link to HCC's website as the authority responsible for schools)

Sustainable transport

Encouraging sustainable transport through schemes including school/business travel plans, shopmobility, community transport

Tell us something

You can directly contact individual services from this page


Explore our picturesque countryside, discover our historic market towns and exquisite villages

Towns and Villages of East Hampshire

Find out more about Alton, Buriton, East Meon, Grayshott, Horndean, Liphook, Liss, Petersfield, Selborne, Whitehill & Bordon and more

Travel concessions

A range of travel concessions for older people and people with disabilities

What's happening

Events in East Hampshire

Whitehill/Bordon Opportunity

Up to 600 acres of MOD land may be released for development in the next few years. How can we make the most of this opportunity?