How to comment

How to comment

We need as many people to come along and have their say as possible. The more people comment the more likely it is the Local Plan will reflect the views of local people. 

The easiest way to have your say is to comment online.

You can also comment by email, letter or using a handwritten form.

Here is some advice to help make your comment count.

  • Try to make sure your comment includes new facts or information that has not already been taken into account by the planning team.
  • Petitions or multiple copies of a letter will not add extra strength to the points it makes. If the comment is relevant it does not matter how many times it is repeated.
  • Try to refer to the relevant policy number so the planning team can match your comment to the right part of the plan.
  • Concentrate on planning issues – local knowledge is invaluable but non-planning issues, such as disruption during construction or local property prices cannot be taken into account.
  • Don’t be afraid to say yes to anything you agree with. If someone else objects and there is no evidence of public support, it could be changed.

The easiest way to have your say is to comment online but if you would prefer not to use this method then you can download this questionnaire and send it to us instead.