Land Availability Assessment (LAA)

Land Availability Assessment (LAA)

The Land Availability Assessment (LAA) is a technical study which informs the East Hampshire District Local Plan.

It helps to inform future planning policy by assessing land for its development potential. From this assessment, sites can be chosen to be included in the Development Plan to help meet objectively assessed needs. 

National guidance on producing LAAs is provided in the NPPG section on ‘Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment’. The guidance sets out a five-stage methodology which is based on identifying sites and broad locations with potential for development, assessing their development potential and assessing their suitability for development and the likelihood that they will come forward.

Previously, the Local Planning Authority has prepared a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), focussing only on the suitability of land for housing (C3 use class). The NPPG now requires a wider assessment of land uses. As such, the evidence is now known as the Land Availability Assessment (LAA) and assesses land for a variety of uses.

Call for sites

The draft Local Plan is out for consultation between 5 February 2019 and 19 March 2019.

During this consultation period new site suggestions can be submitted to us for consideration in the Land Availability Assessment.

This provides an opportunity for land and property owners to promote sites for consideration through the plan- making process for the following uses:

  • Housing (e.g. market housing, affordable housing, older persons accommodation and Gypsy and Traveller accommodation)
  • Employment (e.g. offices, light industrial, industrial and warehousing)
  • Retail (e.g. convenience retail, supermarkets, shopping centres and retail parks)
  • Social Infrastructure (e.g. schools, health facilities, community facilities)
  • Open space (e.g. suitable accessible natural greenspace, sports pitches, playing fields, parks or gardens)
  • A mix of the above uses.

We would welcome the submission of any sites that you consider would be suitable for the above uses.

Please note, sites that have been submitted to us and considered through the Land Availability Assessment available above, should not be submitted again.