Partners magazine

Partners magazine

The council produces a magazine called Partners. It keeps council tax payers up-to-date on council services and activities.

The magazine, which has a print run of 55,000, is delivered to all residents and businesses in East Hampshire. There are also clear print and audio tape versions of the magazine available on request and from local libraries.

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Partners Winter 2016

A very successful year

East Hampshire District Council is developing a new model of local government that will protect and improve services for the future.

Our Annual Report 2015-16, called Overview, describes how we plan to achieve that and outlines our successes in the last financial year.

By finding alternative sources of income and making efficiencies during 2015-16, the council has been able to reduce its share of residents’ Council Tax by two per cent. EHDC is possibly the only council in the country to have done this.

Over the year the council has delivered more than 100 daily services to 4,000 businesses and 116,000 people, always with a keen eye on value for money and the needs of customers.

Some of these successes are outlined in this edition of Partners Magazine.

To view the annual report online or download an interactive PDF, go to

Hampshire councils working together

Some of the councils in Hampshire are working together in an attempt to secure greater powers and more funding from the Government.

Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council and the Isle of Wight Council have voted to apply to the Government to join forces and create a ‘Combined Authority’.

This would allow them to provide more services to the residents they know and serve.

Should this proposal be formally approved by the Government then other local councils, such as East Hampshire District Council and Hampshire County Council, could apply to join the Combined Authority and secure large benefits as a result.

The possible benefits provided by this kind of devolution would include:
• Millions of pounds of additional local investment each year
• More effective and efficient services for residents, meeting their particular local requirements
• Economic growth in the local area through the creation of new jobs

East Hampshire District Council, along with all the other 13 local councils in Hampshire, has always opposed a single county unitary council and we see this latest development as an excellent opportunity to work together with Hampshire County Council to secure even greater improvements to public service effectiveness and value for money.

Find out the latest on this issue at the Councils for Devolution website.

Head for the web

The new East Hampshire District Council website was launched a year ago and it continues to play an ever-increasing role in how we communicate with residents.

More and more users are getting their information from digital services such as the website and social media.

The East Hants site focuses on making the main service functions used by residents and businesses simple to find and easy to use. This is reflected in the surge of website visits and page views each month.

In August 2016 we had 31,367 website visits compared with 26,205 in August 2015 and there are similar upward trends in residents completing online application forms, using our ‘live help’ service and contacting us through social media.

We are continually developing self-service tools for residents, which allows them to complete online transactions with ease. Our website is the most effective way for you to get the information you need.

Council services when you want them

Residents will be able to access council services whenever they need them using a personal ‘My East Hampshire District Council’ account.

My East Hampshire District Council accounts will give customers access to council services when and where they want them.

RAPP and Get Activ8d customers were the first to access self-service 24/7 bookings and payments through the new accounts.

The customer portal, that went live in July, was used to book 1,526 sessions on the summer activity schemes.

The next services to be made available through the portal will be requests for information and there will be many more services to follow.

To set up an account, go to

Building business

Businesses in East Hampshire can get discounts of up to £150,000 on business rates to build new premises.

The scheme will help firms build new offices and industrial units enabling them to expand their operations and develop modern working environments.

East Hampshire District Council aims to be the most business-friendly council in the UK and believes this scheme will help create jobs and deliver further economic growth in the area.

Previously many businesses found it difficult to find suitable premises in which to expand or relocate within the area. The discount of up to £150,000 for new-build premises will open up opportunities for growing businesses to do just that.

Contact Angela Kiwanuka, EHDC Senior Economic Development Officer, 01730 234165.

Sharing services - saving money

East Hampshire District Council is set to save up to £3.8m through a ground-breaking deal to share services with five other councils.

Services already shared with our neighbours Havant Borough Council will now also be shared with Hart District Council, Mendip District Council, South Oxfordshire District Council and Vale of White Horse District Council.

The contract, with private company Capita, links councils up to 85 miles apart and is the first time a group of councils have looked beyond their immediate neighbours to share services in this way.

Councillor Richard Millard, Deputy Leader of East Hampshire District Council and Portfolio Holder for Contracts, said: “By including the services we already share with Havant Borough Council, East Hampshire District Council is forecast to save £3.8m over the length of the contract.

“While we will continue to seek opportunities to generate income – like our expanding property portfolio – this is an example of our on-going commitment to finding efficiencies and savings where opportunities arise.”

Recycle Right

Clean, dry, and loose

Thank you for recycling – but are you doing it right?

On average our residents recycle 35% of their waste each year. This is really good but we can all do a bit more by becoming more waste aware, and disposing of the right things in the right place and in the right way.

Most residents are aware of items that can be recycled and do a great job but sometimes the quality of recycling collected isn’t of a sufficient standard, which can mean the waste may be sent to incineration instead of recycling.

Recycling collection - Please put ONLY the following items in your recycling bin:

Paper - Magazines, newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, catalogues and directories

Cardboard - Cereal packets, food boxes, corrugated card, greetings cards

Plastic bottles - Food and drink bottles, detergent bottles, toiletries

Tins and cans - Food tins, pet food tins, drinks cans, sweet and biscuit tins

Aerosols - Deodorant, hairspray and cleaning products, food eg. cream and oil

How does your bin collection work?

We operate an alternate weekly collection for waste.

Each week place the correct bin out for collection at the edge of your property boundary (not blocking the pavement) by 7am on the day of collection.

Your green refuse bin should only be used for waste that can’t be recycled.

Our collection teams will only collect one refuse bin from each household unless an extra bin has been authorised.

Families of six or more, or those who need medical waste collected, may qualify for an additional refuse bin.

There is no limit to the number of recycling bins you can put out for collection.

You should ONLY put items that are listed on the opposite page in your black recycling bin.

All waste should fit inside your refuse bin with the lid closed to prevent spillages.

We will not collect extra waste left next to, or on top of the bin.

Recycling top tips!

Wash and squash
Please only put clean items in your black bin. Save water by rinsing your items in leftover washing up water once you’ve done the dishes. Once dry, squash bottles and tins to make more space in your black bin.

No bags please!
Please do not put your recycling into bags as they cannot be recycled and neither can the items in the bag. If you do collect items in a bag, tip them loose into your black bin.

What if I’ve got it wrong?
Our collection teams regularly check black recycling bins to make sure items that cannot be recycled do not get collected. They may attach an information tag to bins that contain the wrong items. The bin will not be emptied until those items have been removed.

Got some extra?
We want you to recycle as much as you can. Our collection teams will always collect extra recycling which can be placed in a cardboard box next to your black bin. If you regularly overfill your black bin you can purchase additional recycling bins by contacting customer services on 0300 300 0013.

Ignore those symbols
Many items have lots of confusing symbols printed on them, none of which will accurately tell you if it can be recycled in East Hampshire. Stick to the advice in this leaflet and on the website and don’t be persuaded to put something in your black bin just because the label might say it can be recycled.

For more information about recycling or your bin collection call 0300 300 0013 or visit

It's all happening in Whitehill & Bordon

With a new road, new homes and new ways to promote business there’s lots happening in Whitehill & Bordon

Relief road: First phase complete

The first phase of the town’s new relief road has been completed offering unprecedented views of the natural beauty of the town.

The road gives access to Louisburg Barracks which is being developed into a thriving area of new homes and around 500 new jobs.

This first phase of the road, costing £6.857m, was funded by the Homes and Communities Agency and delivered by Hampshire County Council (HCC). Work on the second phase of the road – from the Liphook crossroads to Louisburg Barracks – is also underway and, when completed in 2018, will help ease congestion on the existing A325. This phase is being funded by the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership and being delivered by HCC.

Business and enterprise centre: Opening summer 2017

The old Sergeants’ Mess at Broxhead House on Louisburg Barracks is being transformed into a business and enterprise centre by the Homes and Communities Agency. Funding of £4m has been contributed by the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership. The centre will house small businesses and create about 250 jobs.

Future skills centre: Opening September 2017

Work has already started to build the ‘future skills centre’ at Louisburg Barracks, which will offer new vocational skills training to students over 16 in a new, state-of-the-art facility. The initial focus will be on construction, providing local people with the skills they need to access
the many jobs being created through the regeneration of the area.

The centre has received £4m of funding from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership. HCC is leading the project. The curriculum offer for the future skills centre is being designed by Basingstoke College of Technology, which has been commissioned by HCC to manage and operate the new centre. It will open in September 2017. Details of the training courses on offer will be available in the coming weeks at The Homes and Communities Agency owns the Louisburg Barracks site and has invested £20m in it.

Quebec Park: Opening autumn 2017

One hundred high quality homes, for rent and for sale, are being built on this site and the first show home is set to open in November.

A community enterprise hub and café are due to open in autumn 2017. This new facility, which will provide a major boost for local businesses and help create 100 new jobs, will be accommodated in the former Chieftain and Centurion barrack buildings which are being retained.

Bordon and Oakhanger Sports Club redevelopment

Work is set to start this winter and is due to be completed in autumn next year.

Space to let

The Mustang building, the former Corporals’ Mess at Prince Philip Barracks, has been refurbished and is available to hire for parties, meetings, community events and businesses.

For more go to or call 01420 476360.

Healthy new town

Whitehill & Bordon is one of only 10 towns in the UK to be awarded ‘Healthy New Town’ status.

Local government, health bodies and voluntary organisations are working together to ensure Whitehill & Bordon becomes a place where people can lead happier, healthier and more independent lives for longer. Residents will also receive great local care when they need it.

A new health and care campus will be the flagship of this programme. Work is set to start on site in 2017 and the campus will open in 2019. It could include an extended primary care centre with GPs, specialist nurses, therapists, hospital consultants and pharmacists, facilities to deal with minor injuries, a dentist and an education hub to train care professionals.

What are we doing to ensure the town becomes a healthy town?


  • Ensuring it’s easier to walk or cycle around the town than it is to travel by car
  • Encouraging healthy food outlets to set up in the town
  • Working with retailers to encourage healthy lifestyles


  • Helping people use technology to manage long term conditions so they can live independently for longer
  • Ensuring the town is designed so it is easy for people to meet and look after each other to reduce loneliness

Healthy and active lifestyles

  • Encouraging healthy food choices Working with health professionals and sports and leisure staff to tackle unhealthy weights in children and their families
  • Promoting opportunities for young and older people to work together Using wearable technology (e.g. fitness trackers) to help people to choose healthy lifestyles
  • Encouraging healthy working environments (e.g. encouraging people to walk or cycle to work)
  • Ensuring residents can access extra support when they need it Working with schools to support healthy lifestyles

What is EHDC doing for young people? Take a look at this

What is EHDC doing for young people? Take a look at this

There is so much happening in the area for young people, check out these pages to see what’s going on!

Bringing Clanfield together

With the help of Hampshire Police’s local PCSOs, EHDC’s Community Team organised a summer program of events for children and young people at Peel Park in Clanfield.

Funded by Radian the events helped bring together new and existing residents from across the village. The weather was kind with a great turn-out of around 100 people attending each week. Activities included Lazer Tag, hula hooping, circus skills and face-painting.


Children across the district learned about the power of debate at a number of free citizenship sessions run by EHDC.

More than 600 students from 16 schools attended the sessions which aimed to help them get to grips with politics.

As part of the sessions the pupils staged their own debate on a topic of their choice. Topics included school uniforms, leaving the EU, abolishing the monarchy and lowering the voting age.

The children were also invited to raise issues they have identified within their school and local community – these items were then fed back to the school leadership team and ward councillor.

New skate park

More than 300 young skaters, BMX and scooter riders took part in an event to launch Clanfield’s new skate park.

Young people rolled in from around the region to take part in the Skate Jam and watch the action.

Pro BMX riders, skate boarders, bladers and scooter riders pulled off some amazing, gravity defying tricks and around 100 amateurs entered various competitions.

Held in August, the event was run in partnership with Clanfield Parish Council and organised jointly by the ‘Love Clanfield Skatepark’ group.

This young group is looking for new members to help with events and activities throughout the year.

Contact Rebecca Probert 01730 234185 ( for further information.


EHDC’s flagship event for young people is the music festival Butserfest. The event was launched in 2007 in response to young people asking for more activities in the district aimed at their age group.

This September saw the event run for the 10th time and it was the biggest, and best attended event so far.


Young people aged 14 and over have been testing their driving skills with a regular motorsport event run by EHDC.

Autotest, held in the car park at Penns Place, Petersfield, sees the young drivers negotiate a tricky course, with the emphasis on precision and control, rather than speed.

Get Activ8d

Get Activ8d is EHDC’s sport project for 7-14-year-olds. It piggy-backed on RAPP’s success in 2008 and has not looked back since. Using local clubs and coaches it encourages young people to have a go at sports they may not have tried before, such as fencing, climbing or wheelchair basketball.

Regular activities include football, golf, dance, basketball and tennis.

RAPP is 10

The Rural Areas Play Project (RAPP) began in 2006 and since that time has provided fun and games for more than 21,000 children and young people.

Large parts of East Hampshire offer limited play or childcare facilities during the school holidays and it was to fill this need that EHDC launched RAPP, and subsequently Get Activ8d, its sister service aimed at older children.

In the ten years RAPP has been running it has won both national and regional awards and aims to be as inclusive as possible for children of all ages and abilities.

The RAPP teams provide everything from arts and crafts, music to messy play, den building to drama and much more!

A voice for youth

East Hants Youth Council (EHYC) is a group of young people working to represent their peers across the district.

Its aim is to improve the lives of young people living in East Hampshire by listening to them, advising them on local issues and supporting their projects and events.

The council meets monthly and is open to anyone aged between 11-18 who lives, works or learns in the district.

Call Susan Kirkwood-Taylor, EHDC Community Officer, on 01730 234186.

Perfect 10 for Butserfest

Butserfest, our unique drink and drugs free music festival for young people, celebrated its 10th year in September with the biggest and best event so far.

Launched in 2007 Butserfest was a response to young people asking for more activities to be provided for their age group.

It is now one of the largest UK drug and alcohol-free festivals in the country and since its launch more than 18,000 young people have attended.

As the only local festival which allows unaccompanied young people under the age of 15, Butserfest ensures a safe, well martialled day of music and activities run with the help of over 100 volunteers on the day.

In 2016 there were four stages, 40 bands and a bucket-load of fun activities, including the country’s biggest mobile zip-wire.

EHDC Leader Cllr Ferris Cowper was the driving force behind the festival’s launch and is thrilled with its continued success.

He said: “The feeling was that not enough was being done for young people, that local authorities did not aim their services at their age group.

“With Butserfest we created an event that was truly and squarely aimed at the young people of East Hampshire. This is an event where parents can drop off their children and leave them on site, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be safe and have a great time.”

  • 10 years of events
  • 18,000 young people have attended
  • 114 volunteers on site
  • 40 bands played in the 2016 event!

For more information go to

What would YOU do in an emergency? Think Safe!

What would YOU do in an emergency? Think Safe!

School pupils from around East Hampshire have been taught how to look after themselves in emergency situations at EHDC’s annual ThinkSafe event.

Held in October at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, more than 850 children from 24 schools took part.

The year six students had the opportunity to meet different agencies and learn how to make informed decisions and keep themselves safe as they grow more independent.

The students met officers from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and took part in an exercise to dial 999.

They learnt about healthy relationships from Southern Domestic Abuse Service, and responsible dog ownership from EHDC Animal Welfare Officers and the Dogs Trust.

The RNLI delivered a lesson on beach safety and Trading Standards presented an interactive ‘shop smart’ lesson sharing information about safe, wise, legal and healthy shopping.

The students also met with members of the Hampshire Constabulary Neighbourhood Policing Team, who discussed ‘stranger danger’ and who to go to for help in an emergency.

The event is run by EHDC’s Community Team and delivered free of charge to school pupils in the district.

Invitations to the event are sent out to schools during May and June each year.

Contact Joanne Utting, Community Safety Officer,

Nominate your sporting heroes

Nominations are now open for the East Hampshire Sports Awards 2017, which recognise sportsmen and women at every level, and the coaches, officials and volunteers who work behind the scenes to help athletes and clubs succeed.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 6 January 2017 and elected finalists will be invited to an awards evening on Thursday 16 February 2017 at Old Thorns Manor Hotel in Liphook.

The winners of the district awards will be put forward to compete for the 2017 Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sports Awards.

Nominees are assessed by a judging panel and winners are required to meet criteria specific for each category.

These annual prestigious awards are co-ordinated by East Hampshire District Council to publicly recognise local sporting achievement.

  • Junior Sportsman & Junior Sportswoman
  • Senior Sportsman & Senior Sportswoman
  • Masters Sportsman & Sportswoman
  • Junior Disability Sportsperson
  • Senior Disability Sportsperson
  • Coach of the Year (Male or Female)
  • Volunteer of the Year (Junior & Senior)
  • School Team of the Year
  • Team of the Year (Junior & Senior)
  • Official (Male or Female)
  • Service to Sport (Male or Female)
  • Club of the Year
  • Outstanding Personal Achievement

To download the guidance and nomination forms visit   

Councillor Julie Butler, councillor responsible for community, said: “The glamour of the Olympic and Paralympic games with two massive medal hauls for Team GB and Paralympics GB was the culmination of thousands of hours of dedication from the athletes that took part. But behind every great sporting achievement is a large group of supporters that make it possible.

“At the 2017 awards we will not only be recognising East Hampshire’s outstanding sportspeople in a range of categories, but also the coaches and officials.”

“I would encourage anyone who has seen outstanding sporting dedication over the last year to nominate that person or team for an award.”

Eat Out Eat Well

There will be more healthy food choices on East Hampshire’s menus thanks to our Eat Out Eat Well scheme.

The award was launched across Hampshire to reward food outlets that provide their customers with healthier choices.

To win the award food businesses are encouraged to use more fruit and vegetables and less fat, sugar and salt in their meals. They are also recognised for using healthier catering practices - such as grilling instead of frying - and providing healthy options for children.

Find out more at or contact the Food & Safety Team on 01730 234306.

Double gold for Animal Welfare Team

East Hampshire District Council’s Animal Welfare Team has collected three awards in the UK-wide RSPCA Community Animal Welfare Footprint 2016.

The team won two gold medals and one bronze for its dedication to the welfare of dogs and other animals across the district.

The golds were awarded for its stray dog service and for enforcing high standards in the district’s animal boarding establishments.

The team also achieved a bronze award for contingency planning to deal with animals in emergency situations.

New leisure centres

EHDC has been working hard to find a partner who will work with us to manage the council’s leisure facilities.

The new partnership, which is expected to start in April 2017, will help us deliver new centres in Alton and in Whitehill & Bordon and also refurbish the Taro Sports Centre in Petersfield.

The process to find a suitable partner is complex and commercially restricted, which means we have not been able to engage with the public while this has been going on.

Boost for Alton businesses

Alton Town Council and East Hampshire District Council have appointed Julie McLatch as a Business Development Manager for the town.

Julie will be visiting local businesses to understand what they like about working in Alton and discuss their concerns about the future.

Her role has been specifically created by the two councils to attract investment and promote economic growth in Alton.

Julie has years of experience in business development, having headed up the marketing and business development function at a law firm in Basingstoke.

Julie said: “I’m delighted to have joined the team in Alton. I grew up here and am passionate that it retains its charm and vibrancy while still being a great place to set up a business and work. The town has changed a great deal during my life, and I am looking forward to working with the local businesses to ensure that commercial enterprises will choose to set up and stay here in the future.”

Contact Julie at or

Business booming on Army ordnance site

Offices and industrial buildings will be built on a former military site in Liphook.

The former Ordnance Supply Unit (OSU) site, Midhurst Road, will be home to three new buildings, including two new office blocks and a terrace of three light industrial units.

The plans for the project are being funded through £1m from EHDC and a £1.6m grant from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership.

The scheme, part of EHDC’s innovative Invest for Growth project, will create up to 140 new jobs. Once occupied, the buildings will generate rental income which will be re-invested in more projects to support the local economy.

Councillor Glynis Watts, EHDC Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, said: “These premises will be perfect for start-ups, for local businesses looking to expand, or to attract new businesses into the area.

“EHDC intends to be the most business-friendly council in the country and this project is another indication of that ambition.”

Getting Gas Safe

Do you have an elderly friend or relative who may need some help getting their home’s gas appliance checked?

More than 260 over 65s are injured by gas appliances every year - but there are ways you can help keep them safe.

Use these tips from the Gas Safe Register:

1. Sign up for an annual gas safety check – You can sign up for a free annual gas safety check reminder on their behalf at

2. Get savvy with carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms – Although carbon monoxide has no smell, taste or colour, symptoms of poisoning include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness, collapse and loss of consciousness.

3. Recognise the signs of an unsafe gas appliance – A lazy yellow flame instead of a crisp blue flame; soot or staining on or around the appliance; excess condensation in the room.

Find out more at Call 0800 408 5500 or visit to make sure your engineer is Gas Safe registered.

Join the fight against speeding

Are you worried about speeding in your neighbourhood?

Hampshire Police is looking for volunteers to join a team dedicated to putting the brakes on speeding.

Community SpeedWatch is run in partnership with local councils and other agencies to monitor vehicle speeds on local roads.

The volunteers would help set up a speed indication device in specified locations and record details of vehicle speeds.

Most sessions last for about an hour and are conducted according to volunteers’ availability.

There are vacancies to fill in SpeedWatch schemes in Petersfield, Clanfield, Rowlands Castle and Butser. Volunteers must be over 17 years old.

For more go to, or contact

Catherington’s ‘Cockleshell Hero’

The bravery of a World War Two hero has been commemorated with a blue plaque on his family home in Catherington.

Blondie Hasler was the driving force behind the daring raid to canoe up the Gironde river in France and blow up German ships with limpet mines.

Lord Ashdown, a former SBS officer himself, unveiled the plaque at a ceremony attended by senior military figures.

Lt Col Blondie Hasler DSO OBE led a team of Royal Marines, dubbed the Cockleshell Heroes, after their canvas canoes, on the daring raid. One canoe was damaged while being unloaded through the submarine hatch so its two-man crew was unable to go. The remaining 10 men paddled, under cover of darkness, towards the estuary.

Of the 10 men who embarked on the mission only two finally returned, one of whom was Blondie Hasler. Of the others two men drowned and the remaining six were captured, interrogated, tortured and executed by the Germans.

A shed load of skills

A group has been set up in Alton to make use of the skills and experiences of the area’s retired men.

Men’s Shed aims to bring men together to share their life skills with each other, teach each other new things and get together to work as volunteers.

If you would like to learn hands-on crafts, pass on your skills and chat over a coffee then call 01420 85419 or email

It's never too late to learn

Would you like to learn a new language, improve your IT skills or take up a new hobby?

The East Hants Community Learning Forum can show you the way to great new courses across the district.

You can find out what opportunities are available locally, where they are taking place and what assistance might be available.

The forum meets three times a year and anyone interested in training, education, developing skills and learning, is welcome to attend.

For more call Community First on 0300 500 8085 Ext 2, or e-mail