My East Hampshire - RAPP & Get Activ8d terms and conditions

My East Hampshire - RAPP & Get Activ8d terms and conditions

Spaces on activities are limited due to the size of the venue and the numbers of staff that are required to keep to the recommended ratio, therefore spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Customer experience

RAPP play work staff are safeguarding, first aid, and food hygiene trained. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Children are the responsibility of the parent or guardian at all times while they are attending a session. If there is indoor or outdoor public play equipment at a venue that does not belong to RAPP parents / guardians are responsible for the children using it at their own risk.

For Get Activ8d, children aged 7yrs plus can attend the activity providing all emergency contact details are left with the instructor. Please note that in the case of Archery, Fishing and Fencing children must be 8yrs+ to attend as prescribed by the Instructor. We aim to publish details of the activities 7-10 days prior to the full programme going live when bookings can be taken.

Ratios and age groups

RAPP’s ratio of staff to children normally exceeds all statutory requirements. The actual ratio varies between activities and age groups. RAPP does not offer any higher staff ratio than 1:8, irrespective of any child’s additional needs unless arranged and agreed previously.


Bookings can only made by paying in advance by card.  If there are spaces available it may be possible to pay cash on the day of the session.  This will be at the discretion of the RAPP staff and there is no guarantee that spaces will be available.

The terms and condition are available when booking and payment confirms your acceptance of these. The named person on the booking confirmation accepts the booking conditions on behalf of all named on the booking form. A confirmation email will be sent regarding your secured places once payment has been received. You will see an invoice of your payment once booking is complete.

Late collection fees

RAPP and Get Activ8d reserve the right to charge a fee for late collection of any children. If a child is collected after the allocated collection time identified on booking, the parent/ guardian will be given a 5 minutes’ grace period.   £8.00 will be charged for every half hour that passes up until collection. If the parent/guardian is unable to pay the late fee at point of collection, they will be invoiced for the full sum immediately following the event.

Booking alterations and late bookings

Changes to bookings are not possible.  Late bookings can be made online up until 2 hours before the activity takes places but are subject to availability of space.

Arrival on site without an advanced booking

If an advance booking for a RAPP activity has not been made and the customer arrives at the site on the activity start date, access to RAPP activities will only be granted if:-

  • There is a sufficient number of staff on duty to ensure compliance with required staff to child ratios
  • The customer logs on to the website and makes full payment at the time of drop off or if mobile signal is not possible, pay staff the amount with the correct money
  • A ‘not on register’ form is completed by the customer.

Refund policy

Where appropriate, a refund will be issued within two weeks of the event.

Cancellation by RAPP or Get Activ8d

RAPP and Get Activ8d reserve the right to cancel any session if deemed necessary. If a cancellation does occur, alternative sessions will be offered where possible or a refund issued.

If any RAPP or Get Activ8d activity is forced to close due to any legitimate reason beyond their control such as closure or unsafe premises, bad weather (e.g. snow, ice, fog, flood etc), outbreak of a human infectious or contagious condition (e.g. Influenza, Meningitis), Coach cancellation, customers will still be liable for any fees due/paid during the entire period of closure.

Cancellation by customer (including child sickness)

In order for a refund to be issued a full 48 hours’ notice is required from the customer.

RAPP recognises that children become sick and understands that on occasion the full 48 hours notice will be impractical to give. At the discretion of the RAPP Coordinator, a refund will be issued in a genuine case of child sickness. Should the sickness be used more than twice during a six month period, RAPP reserve the right to withhold future refunds.

To cancel a booking, please contact Customer Services on 01730 234419, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Programme changes

RAPP reserves the right to amend its services and activity programme, content, times, dates and venue in the event of unsuitable weather conditions, failure of equipment, building faults, lack of facilitator, and any other operational faults and unforeseen circumstances that may arise from time to time, without refund or compensation to the customer.

Behaviour code of conduct

RAPP & Get Activ8d encourages a relaxed atmosphere in its services and aims to promote positive behaviour at all times. Upon booking you agree that RAPP and Get Activ8d will not accept disruptive behaviour from your child.

While we will strive to understand each child’s needs, we will also not accept bad behaviour, bad language, bullying or anything else deemed inappropriate. Any behaviour of this kind could result in withdrawing your ability to book further sessions with no refund for the remaining booked sessions.

Abusive behaviour from parents or guardians will not be tolerated and in extreme circumstances the police will be contacted.


RAPP reserves the right to exclude or refuse any person without notice if we consider that their presence compromises the good atmosphere of the session. Transport home will be the responsibility of the parent and no refund/credit will be available.

Equal opportunities and child protection

East Hampshire District Council is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes all children, regardless of gender, ability, race or religion. Each child attending the RAPP service is of equal value and is entitled to equal access of opportunity. The company operates a zero tolerance policy on discrimination or bullying of any kind.


RAPP staff have a duty to respond if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse. In this event the relevant staff will follow the Safeguarding Children’s Policy as detailed in our policies and procedures.

Your child must be collected by the parent or guardian as named on the child signed participation form.

To avoid confusion and to uphold child safety, RAPP & Get Activ8d staff will not allow your child to leave with anyone other than the named person/s on the signed child participation form.


From time to time we take photographs and videos at our venues which may be used for marketing and promotional purposes and we ask for permission for this when you book. You must tell us if you do not want us to take photos or videos of your children.

Medical information

When you book we will ask you for any additional needs or information for your child. This may include medical information, allergies, and dietary restrictions and it is important to let us know this information for the health and safety of your children/child during the session.

First aid

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary. RAPP & Get Activ8d staff cannot administer medication, sun cream or similar.


We often offer messy, outdoor and physical activities please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and brings a drink or any other appropriate items. Please ensure that children do not bring valuable toys and belongings with them as we cannot be held responsible if they are damaged or go missing. We cannot guarantee the return of lost property, but will endeavour to return items on request that we are able to identify. Parents will be required to pay the cost of postage or arrange with the RAPP Coordinator a mutually agreeable time for the item to be collected from the Council Offices. RAPP and Get Activ8d will collect lost property at the end of the session and leave it at Penns Place Reception where it will be kept for a period of four weeks. If it is left unclaimed after this period has expired it will be disposed of accordingly.


RAPP does not accept liability for personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its servants.


All children in our care are covered by East Hampshire District Council’s Public Liability Insurance.


RAPP and Get Activ8d are committed to providing high quality children’s holiday activity sessions. If you or your child were not entirely satisfied with the service we provided, then we would like to know about it. Any complaint should first be made to the Team Leader on site who will complete a complaints report and do everything possible to ensure the complaint is dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. If the complainant feels that this outcome is insufficient, or would like to take the grievance further, the complaint should be made in writing and sent to: the Rural Areas Play Project Coordinator, East Hampshire District Council, Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EX.  

Data protection

East Hampshire District Council acts as a Data Controller for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998. We need to collect relevant personal details from you and the children you are booking to enable us to process your booking. This information might include names, ages and any applicable medical or dietary restrictions and credit/debit card or other payment details. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary permission to pass on the personal details of all the children that you are making a booking for. Your information will be used for registration, parent contact, medical requirements and payment. A register will be printed for each session so that we can sign children in and out of activities. This attendance will be recorded onto the system and the registers will then be destroyed. Registration documents will be put in a secure place out of public access. Additionally we retain your details for 1 year so that you do not need to re-register and use some of your details for future marketing purposes, for example sending you promotional information. Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not want to receive future mailings from RAPP.  Your personal information will not be passed on to any third parties.

Policies and procedures

Copies of RAPP & Get Activ8d policies and procedures are available at the activity venue or will be sent to parents on request by email or post.

Any amendments to these terms and conditions will be highlighted and publicised on the EHDC website and the RAPP portal.