Access protection line application form

Please make sure you have read the guidelines before filling in this form.

The application fee is £120 and this is non-refundable and applies to both new lines and repainting of existing lines.

Personal information

Please read the following guidelines carefully. Once you have done so, please indicate that you have read and understood them.


For either of the options selected below, the footway between your driveway and the highway must be strengthened to take the weight of vehicles and be level with the road surface.

If you are unsure whether the footway has been strengthened, please contact Hampshire County Council on 0300 555 1388.

Once your application is submitted, an investigation will be carried out to ensure the footway has been strengthened before a decision is made as to the approval or refusal of your application.

Further information is available on the Hampshire County Council website.


By submitting this form I confirm that the footway between my driveway and the highway has been strengthened in accordance with Hampshire County Council guidelines.