Animal licensing

Many businesses involving animals need to be licensed by the local authority.

Licensed animal boarding establishments in East Hampshire

East Hampshire District Council keeps records of establishments licensed under the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018. These include:

  • Animal Boarding (Dogs and Cats)
  • Home Boarding of Dogs
  • Domestic Dog Day Care
  • Commercial Day Care for Dogs
  • Dangerous Wild Animals
  • Dog Breeding
  • Keeping Animals for Exhibition
  • Pet Shops
  • Riding Establishments
  • Zoos

Unlicensed premises

If you think someone is running an animal establishment without a licence, or if you are concerned about the welfare of animals at a licensed establishment, please contact us online or call the Animal Welfare office on 01730 234319.


You’ll need a zoo licence if you will be displaying wild animals to the public for at least 7 days a year, in any place that’s not a circus or pet shop.

Contingency planning documents