Business buddies

As part of EHDC’s commitment to welfare it has launched a scheme to help local charities.

The business buddies scheme matches local businesses with charities and good causes to provide them with extra support.

That could be money, manpower or any other resource the business feels able to give.

Many East Hampshire companies take their corporate social responsibility seriously and this scheme gives them the chance to contribute to the community that supports them.

And there are plenty of benefits that show that charity work is also good for business.

Employees are likely to feel more fulfilled and this will improve morale and strengthen the bonds between co-workers. This can help to break down barriers between colleagues and improve communication between departments, leading to a more efficient team.

The scheme will also provide participants with opportunities for good publicity, especially if businesses buddy up with charities relevant to their sector.

Businesses can offer whatever skills they have from administrative support, fund-raising, marketing expertise to help with IT advice.

Any businesses keen to find out more can contact EHDC on 01730 234156 or email