Chairman of the council

The Chairman of East Hampshire District Council for 2019-20
is Cllr Keith Budden
If you would like to invite the Chairman to attend a function,
please email the Chairman's assistant, Kim Combes on or phone 01730 234002.

Cllr Budden’s charities for the year will be the Crossover Centre in Liss and Dementia Friendly Hampshire.

The role of the Chairman

Each year a different member of the council is elected to be Chairman at the Annual Council Meeting in May.

While in office, the Chairman chairs EHDC’s Full Council meetings, supports local events and functions, raises money for charity and furthers the interests and reputation of the council.

As a non-political position, the Chairman presides over meetings of the Full Council to ensure business can be carried out efficiently and with due regard to the rights of councillors and the interests of the community.

The Chairman will select at least one local charity to support and will use the profile of the office to raise funds and attract publicity for those charities during the year.

The Chairman will also maintain links between the council and other organisations, both voluntary and commercial, and promote the district on visits elsewhere.

Events attended will vary from civic and ceremonial functions, to charity or community events to business launches. Which events to attend is entirely at the discretion of the Chairman.

By law the Chairman is the first citizen throughout the district and takes precedence over all others save only the Queen or her representative, the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire.

The Chairman is addressed as Mr Chairman (or Madam Chairman) and correspondence should be addressed to the Chairman of East Hampshire District Council.

Whenever a representative of the district council is required to officiate at a public function it is appropriate for the Chairman to be invited. This applies when distinguished visitors of national or international significance are being welcomed to the district.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman of East Hampshire District Council for 2019-20 is Cllr Adam Carew. In the absence of the Chairman the Vice-Chairman is empowered to act.