The Liss Railway Biodiversity action plan

The Liss Railway Biodiversity Action Plan forms the basis of an ongoing work programme for the Liss Riverside Railway Walk.  Arcadian Ecology & Consulting Ltd were contracted by East Hampshire District Council in conjunction with South Downs National Park Authority to deliver this initial work.

The Action Plan is an initial report which will be amended and updated through time in line with site requirements over the coming period and as such is now a  ‘living document’ which is subject to further development, change and modification as you would expect operating a site such as this

Tree planting – tree in every garden

We supported Petersfield Climate Action Network’s scheme to ‘plant a fruit tree in every garden’. This year, with grants from EHDC, 570 trees were planted.

We plan to continue to support this scheme as it enters its third year and continues to expand over the district.

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