Coaches, officials and volunteers

Coaches, officials and volunteers are crucial for sport at all levels. They are the people who motivate, encourage, inspire and work behind the scenes to make sport happen.


Each sport has its own National Governing Body (NGB). They are responsible for the rules and regulations governing their respective sports.

A list of recognised sports and their NGBs can be found on the Sport England website.


Officials operate in many sports, each with their own set of laws and rules. Each sport’s National Governing Body will offer support and deliver officiating qualifications.

Skills Active helps to provide easier access to these qualifications and skills through training provisions within the sector.

The Young Officials programme is run by the Youth Sport Trust.

This programme helps National Governing Bodies to develop young sport officials throughout England. Young full-time volunteers lead a project working within their chosen NGB to act as a role model to inspire and support other young people. This also provides a local skilled workforce.


Volunteers can help deliver skills and experience to your club. The following volunteer networks allow you to create a profile so that active volunteers in the area can approach you with support: