Community triggers

A community trigger is designed to give victims of anti-social behaviour the right to request a review of their case and bring agencies together to take a joined-up, problem solving approach.

Domestic homicide review

Domestic homicide reviews are carried out to ensure that lessons are learnt when a person has been killed because of domestic violence. Find out more.

Fly posting

Fly posting is the display of advertising material on buildings or highway land without the consent of the owner

Fly tipping

Fly-tips can contain dangerous and hazardous materials, for your own safety, please do not touch any tip you find and report it to the council as soon as possible.

Unauthorised encampments

Unauthorised encampment is defined as a group of people with vehicles on land without the landowner or occupier's consent with the intention of residing.

Think safe

Think safe is an active safety training programme in which children take part in mock ups of dangers they may face in everyday day life and learn through experience how to deal with them.