Think safe is an annual event held in the district. Students from year 6 in schools within East Hampshire are invited to attend the event, where they will have sessions with key agencies and organisations to help them keep themselves safe and make good decisions.

The sessions include the potential dangers with: road, rail, water, fire, electrical, gas, dog, consumer, food, home, countryside, farm and range safety, emergency first aid, avoiding abduction and bogus callers to the door. They also have the opportunity to make a 999 emergency call to know what to do if a real emergency arises.

Think safe is organised by a variety of agencies and the schools themselves. It is able to run due to the tremendous support of the agencies that participate in the various events and provide staff time and resources free.

It is the commitment of everyone involved to educate children in Hampshire about safety to reduce accidents at home, school or play and to produce safer citizens for the future.