Coronavirus environmental health update

Please be aware that due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are operating a limited service.

Cases where there is a risk to human health will be prioritised. All site visits are suspended until further notice.

No bonfires please

To protect the health and wellbeing of everyone during the coronavirus outbreak, we are requesting that residents refrain from lighting bonfires.

Many residents who would normally be out at work or school are now confined to their homes.

Smoke could deny your neighbours from enjoying their garden and have a serious impact on their health - especially where they are self-isolating due to medical conditions such as asthma or heart disease.

Any garden waste can be either composted or collected together until such time as other more appropriate disposal methods are available.

Household waste and recyclable waste should be put into the respective waste bins as normal to await collection.

Don't be a noisy neighbour

During lockdown, it may seem like a good time to do some DIY work or listen to loud music.

However, please make sure you keep the noise down. Your neighbour will not able to escape nuisance noises and it could impact their mental wellbeing.