Coronavirus planning services update

We continue to carry out our development management service despite facing a number of challenging restrictions.

Whilst the majority of officers are working from home we are attempting to maintain some office cover but this is limited.

If you wish to contact case officers please use email and we will do our best to reply but clearly responses may take longer than normal.

Pre-application service

No face to face meetings will be held for the foreseeable future. If you have a pre-application enquiry with us that involves a meeting, we can try to facilitate this via phone appointment in addition to written responses.

Future pre-applications enquiries will be handled in a similar way.

Site visits

At the moment case officers will continue to conduct visits and will make contact with applicants to arrange access.

We ask that for householder applications and similar projects this should entail leaving a side gate open, where possible, for access, without coming into contact with anyone.

Site visits should not be used to meet the case officer. If the case officer feels that they can gain appropriate information without entering the site, i.e. road or public footpath then they will do so.

We may also need to ask applicants to send photographs in with some applications.

Site notices

We will now be emailing these to you in order for them to be displayed on site. We would appreciate your help with this.

Extensions of time

Extensions of time are used on occasion to work to an agreed determination date for the benefit of both parties.

Greater use of these and for longer periods may become necessary to reflect the challenging circumstances we currently face.