Corporate strategy 2014-19

Corporate strategy overview

This corporate strategy sets the agenda for our organisation over the next five years and helps us to understand:

  • Where we are today
  • Where we want to be in the future
  • How we intend to get there

The strategy is written in six sections.

Our Mission describes what the council is here to do; it could be tagged our purpose or objective. The mission is unlikely to change in the medium term and has been our mission for some years now.

The Vision describes our aspirational future state. Inevitably, it includes a significant element of ‘stretch targets’. It is written in the present tense as though it was 2019 and that our vision has been achieved. This attempts to paint a verbal picture of the aspiration.

Attitude defines the basic principles of attitude and behaviour in our council, for both officers and councillors. Like the mission, these are not expected to change in the medium term and have been adopted by the council for several years.

They do not replace the generally accepted standards for the Code of Conduct which are more detailed. With the right attitude we can achieve anything we set out to do.

Values describe our corporate philosophy and strive to set us apart from other councils. Adherence to these values will ensure we will achieve our aspirations of excellence as defined by the vision.

Our vision for the future gives a clear view of what success will look like. The enablers section describes what we need to have in place to achieve the vision by 2020. It can be seen as a first cut of the ‘how to’. Lastly, we must embrace a significant reconstruction of the manner in which the public sector delivers its services. So, in the final section we look at possible approaches for alternative models of service delivery.