Disabled parking bay criteria

It is necessary to ensure that disabled persons parking bays are only provided where there is strong justification. This is to ensure that the scheme does not fall into disrepute.

Each application is assessed individually and you will be informed in writing of our decision within 21 working days of receipt of your application.

Disabled applicants

The applicant must hold a valid Blue Badge issued by Hampshire County Council or other issuing authority and the applicant must drive a vehicle that is registered and kept at their address.

A photocopy of both sides of the Blue badge must be submitted with your application as evidence – if a copy is not provided this may delay your application.

If the disabled person does not drive but relies on another family member or carer to transport them on a regular basis, a marking will only be provided where the driver permanently resides at the same address.

This is to prevent a parking space from remaining empty for long periods of the day when there may be a shortage of parking space for other residents.

Parking difficulties

There must be an evident on-street parking problem close to the applicant’s home.

Existing waiting restrictions

Disabled persons parking bays will not be provided where existing single or double-yellow lines apply. In cases where waiting restrictions apply, a disabled person who is not the driver may be picked up or set down at the appropriate location. The driver should then move the vehicle to a suitable parking place.

Private property

It is not possible for the council to provide a disabled persons parking bay on private property, such as Housing Association land. In these circumstances you will need to seek permission from the landowner and organise the marking of the bay.

Parking facilities

Applicants must not have any alternative off-street parking facilities (e.g. rented or owned garage or hard standing).

Applicants are expected to take reasonable steps to render existing garages and off-street parking facilities, which may be presently used for storage of other vehicles or goods, usable as a parking place.

If the off-street parking is deemed unsuitable, supporting information should be submitted with the application and if necessary the council may request written medical evidence to confirm that the degree of disability prevents the use of the off-street facility.

If the off-street parking facility is unsuitable (e.g. too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair) the marking may be provided where this can be demonstrated.

Road safety

Whatever the personal situation of the applicant, a disabled persons parking bay will not be provided in a position hazardous to road safety, where it could give rise to undue congestion, where parking is precluded by the Highway Code or on principal roads and main traffic routes.

A disabled persons parking bay will not be provided on carriageways narrower than 5.5m (this is to allow for the passage of large, wide vehicles, including the emergency services and refuse collection vehicles etc), adjacent to, or opposite road junctions, traffic islands or traffic calming devices, or where it would disrupt or reduce the existing parking strategy of the street.


Disabled persons parking bays cannot be reserved for a particular person or vehicle and no guarantee can be given that a particular bay will always be available for any particular person.

The marking will be advisory and this council will not arbitrate or correspond in any dispute arising from its use.

Preferred location

Wherever possible, markings will be placed outside the applicant’s property. Where this is not possible or it is preferable for the bay to be marked in a different location then a sketch and short explanation should be submitted with the application.

As disabled bays can be contentious and require courtesy from other residents we will notify your neighbour in writing if the marking is to be placed outside their property.

It would be beneficial to seek agreement from your neighbour if you wish the marking to be placed outside their property prior to making this application.


At the current time there is no charge made to the applicant for the provision of a disabled persons parking bay.