Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government scheme whereby the larger energy companies have an obligation to invest in energy efficiency measures to reduce energy use and resident’s energy bills therefore reducing fuel poverty.

ECO is available through the larger energy companies and their supply chain ie the Council cannot access the funding directly and is primarily set up to support residents on receipt of benefits.

However, there are different ways to access ECO funding including LEAP and directly to energy suppliers.

Statement of intent

The ECO Local Authority Flexible Statement of Intent enables the council to set its own eligibility criteria and to identify additional vulnerable householders who would not automatically qualify for ECO funding.

The additional criteria developed by the council include:

  • residents vulnerable to cold (long-term respiratory illnesses, very young or very old)
  • residents living in park homes sites
  • residents living in Whitehill & Bordon (including Lindford).

The ECO Flex enables the council to work with external organisations which have ECO funding to support residents.