Exceptional household support fund

The Household Support Fund is there to support those in exceptional cases of genuine emergency where existing support from Housing Benefit, Universal Credit (housing element) and Discretionary Housing Payments do not meet the exceptional need.

Ongoing housing support for rent should be provided through the housing cost element of Universal Credit (UC) or through Housing Benefit (HB) rather than this Fund. In addition, Discretionary Housing payment (DHPs) must first be considered before the exceptional housing support is offered through this fund. We must also consider whether the applicant is at statutory risk of homelessness and therefore owed a duty of support through the Homelessness Prevention Grant (HPG).

In exceptional cases of genuine emergency, households in receipt of HB, UC, or DHPs can still receive housing cost support through this Fund. However, the Fund should not be used to provide housing support on an ongoing basis or to support unsustainable tenancies.

The Fund can in exceptional circumstances be used to provide support for historic rent arrears built up prior to an existing benefit claim for households already in receipt of Universal Credit and Housing Benefit.

How do I apply?

To apply please complete the form below you will also need to provide: (please see below for where to apply for help with utility bills such as gas, electric, water and food bills)

  • Bank statement detailing your name, address, sort code and bank account number (for payment purposes should you qualify)
  • National Insurance number
  • Evidence to support rent arrears such as a rent account statement or screen shot of your rent account detailing the last 6 months transactions.

Please send your evidence to benefits@easthants.gov.uk

Other help that is available from Hampshire County Council

A range of other forms of support funded by the Household Support Fund, will be available to vulnerable households on the connect4communities website.

Community Pantries

Community pantries provide groceries at a lower cost than supermarkets or shops, offering a range of fresh, frozen and general foods which will change on a weekly basis.

There are now 19 community pantries that have been set up across Hampshire providing access to discounted food.

A list of community pantries and their locations can be found on the Hampshire County Council website.

Support for Utility Costs

Funds have been allocated to support the most vulnerable households in Hampshire with their fuel costs. Families with children on low incomes, pensioners and single householders on fixed incomes will be able to access direct financial support to pay gas, water and/or electricity bills.

This will be available through the local Citizens Advice Service in each locality alongside broader support and advice.

More information about support for utility costs will be available from your local Citizen Advice office.

What can’t be funded

  • Mortgage support – however, homeowners may still qualify for other elements of the fund such as food, energy, water and essential household expenditure. To find out more visit the Connect4Communities website.
  • Paying off non-essential debt.
  • Where financial support has already been provided through another grant or fund.
  • Expenses in connection with legal costs – fees, costs, fines, damages etc.
  • Repairs or improvements to the home
  • Any need that occurs outside of the UK.
  • Medical expenses/treatment.

Reviewing the decision

There are no further appeals rights for the grant, the Council’s decision is final.

The scheme runs until 30 September 2022 or until the funds have been allocated.