Gales Brewery public art project

The Gales Brewery building will soon display a spectacular mural as part of an ongoing art project.

A two-metre square patch on the wall of the building in Portsmouth Road has been earmarked for a piece of public artwork and Horndean residents have the chance to get involved.

Renowned artist Mel Holmes has been commissioned to produce a mural that will recall the site’s famous brewing heritage.


The Gales Brewery was built in 1847 and is situated on the A3 in the centre of Horndean, which is now by-passed by the A3M.

In 2005 the brewery was acquired by Fullers and closed. The brewery building, apart from the iconic tower which you can see in the photograph, was demolished and replaced with an apartment block.

Councillors worked closely with the developer to ensure that the new building had considerable echoes of the Victorian brewery it replaced.