Heritage and trees

East Hampshire is a well wooded district with approximately 17% of its area covered by trees. It is one of the most wooded districts in the country.

Trees make a significant contribution to its fine natural qualities and we take our responsibility to protect and enhance these qualities seriously.

EHDC has three Arboricultural Officers. They are responsible for over 900 Tree Preservation Orders and for giving advice to planning officers on tree issues on development sites.

You can see details of all TPOs and all tree applications received by using our online map.

Trees on highway verges

Enquiries about trees on highway verges should be directed to Hampshire County Council Highways department.

You can report a problem online or call 0300 555 1388.

Felling licences

Felling generally is controlled by the Forestry Commission.

If more than 5 cubic metres of timber per calendar quarter is to be felled then a felling licence would be required.

The requirements of the regulations controlling the removal of trees are set out in the Forestry Act 1967.

Tree surgeons

Before appointing a contractor to undertake work to your tree make sure that it is not protected by a Tree Preservation Order or is growing in a Conservation Area, or, if so, that you have the necessary consent.

You are also advised to:

  • Get at least 3 written quotations
  • Make sure that the contractor has included “removal of all arisings” (the timber and debris) from the site in the quotation
  • Ensure the contractor carries sufficient public liability insurance (usually £5,000,000).

We provide this information to assist residents but cannot accept responsibility for work carried out.

You can also look up contractors on the Arboricultural Association website.

Details of local contractors

  • Acacia Tree Surgeons - 01730 895531
  • Adam Gibson Treecare Specialist - 01420 538797
  • Andrew Murray Tree Surgeons - 01420 80685
  • Arbro Tree Surgeons - 023 9200 3314
  • Arbrook Tree Care - 01730 823914
  • Cedardale Arboricultural Specialists - 01256 763162
  • DNB Tree Surgery Ltd - 01730 827656
  • Graham Taylor - 01428 713427
  • Liphook Tree Surgeons - 07920 057009
  • Paul Knight Tree Services - 01420 477408
  • Sequoia Tree Services - 01730 260001