Land availability assessment

The land availability assessment is a technical study which informs the East Hampshire District Local Plan. It helps to inform future planning policy by assessing land for its development potential. From this assessment, sites can be chosen to be included in the development plan to help meet objectively assessed needs.

National guidance on producing 'land availability assessments' is provided in the NPPG section on housing and economic land availability assessment.

The guidance sets out a five-stage methodology which is based on identifying sites and broad locations with potential for development, assessing their development potential and assessing their suitability for development and the likelihood that they will come forward.

Previously, East Hampshire District Council had prepared a LAA that was published alongside the draft East Hampshire Local Plan (February 2019). This report provided the site assessments for all sites submitted to the council for development up until 1st December 2018. Since this time national planning policy and guidance has been updated, as well as the release of the planning White Paper in August 2020.

The council has therefore reviewed the LAA methodology and has revised it to conform to current practice. This new LAA process will supersede the methodology identified in the previous LAA publication in December 2018.

In anticipation of the future planning proposals described in the Planning White Paper (2020), the detailed information associated with sites within the LAA and future iterations will be presented in the form of an interactive map.

The interactive map will show the LAA sites and will include an attribute table containing the required information as set out in the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG).

The interactive map will show included sites outlined in green, excluded sites outlined in red and sites with planning permission in yellow.

Use the drop-down list to zoom to a parish or click and drag the map to move to a particular location. Constraint layers can be turned on and off in the ‘Map Layers’ section at the bottom of the page, and more information can be found by double clicking on the sites.

The concluding LAA document summarises the content associated with the interactive mapping.

Suggestions of sites to be considered in the LAA can be submitted at any time using the Site Submission Form. Any new sites received after 31 March each year or updates to existing sites received after this time will be considered in the subsequent review.

The receipt of new sites and updated information will be regularly monitored in order to inform the next LAA update.