New waste partnership starting in September 2019

From the end of September, East Hampshire’s environmental services will be delivered through our partnership with Havant Borough Council. These include:

  • Waste
  • Recycling
  • Street cleaning
  • Public conveniences
  • Grounds maintenance

Why change?

The contracts with Biffa, idverde and Wettons that we currently share with Winchester City Council come to an end on 30 September 2019.

What’s going to change?

Your waste, recycling and glass collection day is likely to change.
Visit the ‘Where I live’ section and put in your address to find your new collection calendar.

The items that we can and can’t collect will not change.

We accept that changing collection days may mean you will have more waste or recycling for us to collect by the time your new collection day comes around. We’re planning to collect anything that you can’t fit in your bin at the start of the new arrangements.

If you use our garden waste service, your collections will be on a separate calendar and may be on a different day of the week from your other collections.

Assisted collections (for people with mobility issues) will continue to be provided, but the day is likely to change to match the new timetables.

People who receive regular clinical waste collections will be contacted directly to tell them when collections will take place.

Glass will continue to be collected every four weeks and is included on the new calendars.

How will I contact the service?

Calls about the new arrangements (reporting missed bins, ordering new ones etc.) will be handled in-house by our customer service team and an automated phone line.We’re also working on new services in MyEHDC so you can contact us about environmental services 24/7.

Until the start of the new arrangements, please contact the service as usual.

Bin reminders

When the new collections have settled in, we’ll be setting up a bin reminder service so you can receive weekly emails on the day before your collection is due, reminding you when to put your bin out and what should (and shouldn’t) be in it.

If you’re interested in this service, you can sign up to our 'bin collections' and 'garden waste' mailing list.

How can I help?

This change will affect around 54,000 homes in East Hampshire. Please share this information with your family, friends and neighbours who live in the district. If you know anyone who does not have access to the internet, especially elderly and vulnerable people, please let them know.

Your new calendar will be arriving in September, if you have a business or local community group please print and put up the below poster to help us share this information across the district:

We will be putting information on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the next few months. Please help us by sharing this information so we can reach as many residents as possible.