Root and branch re-organisation will make our garden waste service bigger, better and more efficient

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A message from the leader of the council

  • New vehicle means more households can receive collections 
  • Total re-structure of rounds means collection days may change 
  • Customers on the waiting list will be contacted direct 

A major re-organisation of the garden waste collection rounds will get the service working smoothly and provide collections for thousands of people on our waiting list. 

But it could mean your garden waste collection day is changing. 

We are radically overhauling how we run the garden waste service, a paid-for kerb-side collection of green waste and grass clippings. 

The service has not been working well in recent months, and we needed a top to bottom review to find out what was going wrong and how we can sort it out. 

We have gone back to basics, looked at the rounds, looked at the waiting lists and pumped in the money needed to deliver a third collection lorry. 

Now I am delighted to announce the re-vamped service will be up and running in April. It will be slicker, bigger and more efficient, emptying more brown bins per day than ever before. 

Because we have stripped the service back to square one, we have had to re-create our rounds to make sure the crews are collecting roughly the same amount of garden waste each.  

That will mean your collection day is likely to change. It may even be on a different day to the rest of your waste collections. 

That’s an inconvenience, of course, and we apologise for that, but I think it is a price worth paying to get the service flying again. 

Our new Garden Waste service will: 

  • Introduce a third vehicle and crew, increasing collection capacity by 50% 
  • Re-organise the rounds. Your green waste collection may be on a different day to your other waste collections  
  • Contact customers on our waiting list direct 

The new service will start in April and will consolidate its existing customers. Once the new rounds are working well it will be expanded to include more customers, on a phased basis, over the ensuing months, with the aim of reaching full capacity over the summer.    

As part of this process we will contact our customers on the waiting list by phone, email and letter. Again, this is likely to take several months. 

Find out more about the new garden waste service on our website