Council canvassers to chase up voter details

Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

Households that have not responded to voter registration forms can soon expect a knock on the door…

Every September EHDC delivers Household Enquiry Forms to more than 52,000 homes across the district asking people to check and correct their details on the electoral register.

Those that don’t respond are sent reminder letters and then visited by the team of EHDC canvassers.

EHDC Chief Executive, Sandy Hopkins, said: “Our elections team canvassers are a very friendly bunch. They will be visiting every home that does not respond to give them any help they need to complete this legal duty.

“It is important that everyone responds to their Household Enquiry Form and we are all legally obliged to do this. The money spent chasing up unanswered Household Enquiry Forms last year exceeded £15,000. That would pay for six weeks' of grass cutting, find accommodation for 15 families threatened with homelessness or pay vet bills for around 200 stray dogs.

“Please respond to this form as soon as you can so we can spend this money on local services instead.

“Not responding not only costs the taxpayer money but also means you risk being removed from the register and losing your right to vote.”

You can respond to the form by phone or post but the quickest and simplest way is by going online and following the form’s three-step instructions.

After the first week of the canvass 34 per cent of households had responded, compared to just 22 per cent at the same time last year.

Anyone not currently on the electoral register will need to complete the Household Enquiry Form and then sign up to the register. This can be done at

For more information about Household Enquiry Forms go to