EHDC’s litter enforcement company helps Salisbury clean up green award

Monday, 20 May, 2019

An East Hampshire District Council company that provides litter enforcement services has helped Salisbury win an award for its clean streets.

EH Commercial Services Ltd currently provides litter enforcement services to eight local councils around the south, including Salisbury City Council.

The company, wholly-owned by EHDC, provides regular patrols by uniformed officers to discourage littering. Littering is a criminal offence, with offenders in Salisbury offered an opportunity to pay a £75 fine, rather than go to court and risk a much higher fine and a criminal conviction.

Their work, together with Salisbury’s environmental services and street cleaning teams, saw the city recognised as one of the cleanest in the country.

The Solar Centre ranked more than 50 UK cities across ten measurements, including litter, CO2 emissions and pollution, to judge which was the greenest. Salisbury was considered to have the lowest littering rate in England.

Chris Bradley, of EH Commercial Services Ltd, said: “As a local authority-owned company our focus is on delivering a high quality, ethical service that costs councils less and helps to improve the environment for communities and businesses.

“We are delighted that Salisbury has been recognised as having the least litter in England and proud we have been able to play our part in that.”