EHDC chairman continues for a second year and presents charity cheques

Friday, 14 August, 2020

East Hampshire District Council chairman handed almost £3,000 to charity as he accepted the role for an unprecedented second year.

Cllr Keith Budden passed on money to the Crossover Youth Centre in Liss and Dementia Friendly Petersfield, his chosen charities for his time so far as chairman of the council.

Due to the unusual circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, Cllr Budden also agreed to continue in the position of chairman until May 2021. Cllr Adam Carew will also remain as vice chairman.

Cllr Budden said: “This has been a very strange year of course. Under normal circumstances I would have stepped down from the role of chairman in May, but as our council meetings were postponed at that time, and as the new chairman would be taking over at a time where there were very few events being held and large gatherings are not advisable, I am happy to carry on. I will hand over the role next May when I hope we will perhaps have returned to something approaching normality.

“During the first eight months or so of my chairmanship I enjoyed meeting people and organisations right across the district. Many of the groups I did not even know existed and I was hugely impressed with the volume and variety of work that is carried out by our charitable sector.

“One of the main objectives of the chairman’s year is to raise money for charity. I am delighted to be able to hand over two cheques of £1,425 to the Crossover Youth Centre in Liss and Dementia Friendly Petersfield.

“These are wonderful charities that do so much good on a day-to-day basis in East Hampshire and also chime particularly well with the council’s own welfare priorities of tackling mental health issues in young people and social isolation among the older population.”

Cllr Budden’s chosen charities for the coming year are the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and The Rosemary Foundation.