Machine warns speeding motorists

Thursday, 6 April, 2017

A new machine will help put the brakes on speeding motorists in Petersfield thanks to the work of one community group and East Hampshire District Council.

The new Speed Limit Reminder will flash warnings at speeding drivers and record data about traffic movements and speeds.

Paid for by the East Petersfield Community Group it has been installed on Durford Road, which is a hot-spot for speeding cars, but will regularly be moved to other areas of the town.

Steve Dewey, chairman of the East Petersfield Community Group, said: “Speeding has been a long-running battle in this part of Petersfield, as it is in many other parts of town.

“As a result the group here has raised enough money to buy a speed limit reminder which will help bring speeds down and keep our residents safe.”

Funds for the Speed Limit Reminder, totalling £3,270, were raised with the help of Petersfield councillors on East Hampshire District Council.

Cllr Julie Butler and Cllr Ben Bentley, contributed £1,000 each, as did former East Hampshire District Councillor Philip Aiston.

The machine will be triggered as speeding cars go by. It will not be used to impose fines but will serve as a reminder to drivers who are exceeding the speed limit and record the volume and average speeds of vehicles using the road. This information will feed into decisions about speed enforcement and other traffic management issues.

Cllr Julie Butler, councillor for the area and EHDC Portfolio Holder for Customer Service, said: “This is a fantastic piece of equipment which will encourage drivers to slow down and drive safely, not just here on Durford Road, but at many places around the town.

“I am very happy to have been able to help fund the purchase of the Speed Limit Reminder.”