New chairman takes the chains at EHDC

Friday, 17 May, 2019

East Hampshire District Council appointed its new chairman for the coming year as it met for the first time since the local elections.

Cllr Keith Budden, of Liss, will be the council’s chairman over the next 12 months, taking the chains of office from Cllr Anthony Williams.

At the Full Council meeting on Thursday 16 May, Cllr Budden said: “Cllr Williams has been an excellent chairman and a good role model for me.

“I’m delighted to be the chairman of EHDC. It’s a true honour and I promise to do my best for the council and the people of East Hampshire in the year ahead.

“My theme for the year will be engagement, that goes right across our community but especially our younger people.”

Cllr Budden’s charities for the year will be the Crossover Centre in Liss and Dementia Friendly Hampshire. Cllr Adam Carew was elected Vice-Chairman of the council.

At the meeting on Thursday night, the council also confirmed that Cllr Richard Millard would continue as the council’s Leader, with Cllr Julie Butler the Deputy Leader.

The council also confirmed the following councillors as its new Cabinet:

Cllr Richard Millard, Leader, Corporate Strategy
Cllr Julie Butler, Deputy Leader, Welfare and Community Integration Portfolio
Cllr Charles Louisson, Finance Portfolio
Cllr Tony Costigan, Property Portfolio
Cllr Ferris Cowper, Whitehill and Bordon Portfolio
Cllr Angela Glass, Planning Portfolio
Cllr Nick Drew, Governance and Legal Portfolio
Cllr Ingrid Thomas, Neighbourhood Quality Portfolio
Cllr Robert Mocatta, Community Development, Placemaking and Infrastructure Portfolio
Cllr Ken Moon, Economic Development and Rural Affairs Portfolio