New members needed for Friends of Petersfield Hospital

Wednesday, 28 June, 2017

East Hampshire District Council’s Chairman has called for volunteers to support a group that raises funds to buy Petersfield Hospital valuable equipment.

The Chairman of East Hampshire District Council, Cllr Lynn Evans, says the Friends of Petersfield Hospital would find it difficult to function efficiently if more helpers are not found.

The group raises money to provide the hospital, in Swan Street, with valuable equipment.

Cllr Evans attended the Friend’s annual general meeting in June and was impressed with its work but was concerned to hear of a serious lack of volunteers.

“What a fantastic group this is, when you see what they have provided for the hospital over the years it really is amazing,” she said.

“But the sad fact is they cannot continue doing this wonderful work unless they get a few more people in to help them.

“If you have any spare time and are looking to do something really worthwhile for the benefit of your community then please get in touch with the Friends of Petersfield Hospital.”

The group recently provided two beds so patients’ families can stay overnight with them in comfort.

John Granger, Chairman of the Friends of Petersfield Hospital, said: “We work to help inpatients and patients of Petersfield Hospital by providing aids not always funded by the NHS.
“We are short of volunteers who want to join the Friends and we need some younger people to join the committee. The hospital is going to play an increasingly important part in the area and the Friends provides a way for the community to look after this fantastic facility.”

Anyone interested in helping should get in touch with John Granger on 01730 263817.