Plans for Alton community facilities will be put to the public

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018

Options on future community buildings in Alton are to be put to the public as part of a project to provide the town with the best possible community facilities.

A shortlist of proposals will centre around the redevelopment of the former Coors Brewery site which, according to an approved development brief, could be home to a new community facility.

East Hampshire District Council and Alton Town Council sought public views in the summer, gathering hundreds of responses from residents.

The councils also met with community groups and clubs to get their members’ thoughts on how to make the best of the opportunity.

This information has been distilled into a handful of options which will be put to the public once some technical studies on the site have been completed.

The two councils are also working closely with developer CALA Homes to find the best way to bring more and improved community facilities to the town.

The Environment Agency is running flood modelling on the site and once this work is complete the options can be finalised and sent out to households in Alton and the surrounding villages.

East Hampshire District Councillor Guy Shepherd said: “We have collated the residents’ responses from our summer engagement and from the information we were given have worked with community groups and clubs to narrow it down to a small number of viable options.

“We will be meeting with clubs and groups again at the end of November to get their final thoughts and then we will share these with the public to find out which solution works best for the people of Alton.

“We had hoped to come forward with these options in the autumn, but we will be doing this as soon as we can after the completion of the technical work.

“At that point residents in and around Alton should expect to receive something through their door and will also have the chance to talk to representatives from EHDC, Alton Town Council and CALA homes about the various proposals.”

Mayor of Alton, Cllr Derek Gardner, said: “I am really pleased that we can take this opportunity to update residents on where we are with this project; I would also like reassure people that we are expanding upon the conversations held with a number of local community groups and organisations which had come forward through this process to refine their future needs to make sure they can continue to grow and thrive in Alton.”