Solar panels help bowls club save money and cut carbon

Wednesday, 19 October, 2022

Our councillor grants have helped pay for energy-saving solar panels on a sports pavilion in Clanfield

A sports and bowls club in Clanfield will be making hay while the sun shines thanks to 16 solar panels fixed to its pavilion roof.

The photovoltaic panels have been added to the building, on Columbine Way, by club officials looking to save money on fuel bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

The £8,000 project was paid for in part by £5,500 of grants from six of our local East Hampshire District Councillors.

All our councillors have a £4,500 community grant fund to distribute to local initiatives each year. As part of our commitment to fighting the effects of climate change, £1,000 of that fund must be spent on environmental projects.

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The Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club is expected to save around £500 a year in costs and around 1.4 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Teresa Attlee, a trustee at the club, said: “We wanted to do our bit for the environment and at the same time our members will reap the benefits of lower fuel costs.

“We are all taking climate change more and more seriously and perhaps future members will be able to follow the example that has been set here.

“I want to thank the local councillors that were so generous with their grants. Without their support it would have been very difficult for us to complete the project, especially as costs are rising so sharply at the moment.”

The club held a small launch event for the panels. Two of the six contributing councillors attended, Cllr Elaine Woodard and Cllr Arthur Agate, as did Clanfield Parish Council Chairman David Harris.

Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club opened in 2019 and has 170 members. It is always looking to welcome new members.

Cllr Arthur Agate, our councillor for Clanfield, said: “I am delighted to put community grant funds to such an excellent environmental project proposed and organised by the club.

“It is good to see the grant fund supporting both the environment and our local sports & bowls club, the club provides an excellent focal point for village residents to meet, socialise and exercise on a really good playing surface and with excellent club house facilities, surrounded by open countryside.”

Cllr Elaine Woodard, the member for Horndean Murray ward, said: “I’m very impressed with how this has been approached by the club, they have been very methodical and professional in the way they have worked through the project and that has made it easy for me and my fellow councillors to support it.

“It’s so important we all get the climate change message. The more we can do things like this the more of an impact we can make on climate change.”

Four other councillors made contributions to the project - Cllr David Evans, Cllr Chris Hatter, Cllr Blossom Gottlieb and Cllr Ken Moon.