Thousands of comments submitted through Large Sites Consultation

Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

East Hampshire District Council is reviewing around 3,500 comments submitted during its consultation on potential large development sites.

The council ran a six-week consultation to gauge people’s views on ten possible development sites.

Residents turned out in their hundreds at six events across the district to discuss plans with developers and feed back on each scheme’s suitability.

Simon Jenkins, EHDC Director of Regeneration of Place, said: “We have received many comments about all the large development sites included in the consultation and had about 800 people at the events.

“Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to come out and talk to us and to the developers who were presenting their proposals.

“The Planning Policy team is working through the responses given and all the comments will be read and considered as we continue the process of preparing our new Local Plan.”

The consultation was part of the ongoing process to gather the facts and technical information needed to make the decisions about the Local Plan.​

Preparation of the Local Plan is based on the information gathered through this consultation, along with the emerging evidence base compiled by EHDC’s planning team.