Wayfinding features installed on Whitehill & Bordon’s Green Loop

Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Eye-catching and innovative features are being installed along the Green Loop in Whitehill & Bordon, helping people navigate around the town on foot and by bike.

The Green Loop, formerly known as Green Grid Green Loop, is a 7km network of pedestrian and cycle paths connecting the town’s key facilities.

It forms part of Whitehill & Bordon's transformation from a garrison to a green, healthy and connected town. And in making travel easier on foot and by bike, the Green Loop will help residents stay fit and healthy.

Over the next few months attractive and colourful totems, benches and blocks are being added to the loop to guide residents on their way or give them a chance to rest and relax.

The project is being delivered in partnership by East Hampshire District Council, Hampshire County Council, Urban Place Lab and landowners, using money awarded from the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The new features were designed following extensive engagement with residents and landowners in November 2020, which saw more than 700 school children consulted and online workshops held with landowners and community groups.

The engagement led to the name ‘The Green Loop’ being retained and to the wayfinding items reflecting the familiar natural features of the heather heathlands.

The funding from the LEP is being put towards local fabricators and installers to deliver features around the Green Loop. Six local contractors are constructing and installing the totems, benches and blocks, three of which are based in Whitehill & Bordon.

Design consultancy Urban Place Lab was appointed by East Hampshire District Council to develop the project. James Gross, Director of Urban Place Lab, said: “During the consultation people called for a colour scheme consistent with the town’s natural surroundings and designs that helped create a sense of fun and discovery.

“The pieces we have designed match these ideas and will prove to be interesting and informative additions to the Green Loop and to the town.”

EHDC Councillor Phillip Davies, Assistant Portfolio Holder for Whitehill & Bordon, said: “I’m really excited to see the new totems, benches and blocks being fabricated and installed – they will be a fantastic new addition to the town and bring the Green Loop to life.

"It will give residents and visitors easy access to the town's facilities and green spaces and these interesting and attractive features will encourage people to use the Green Loop and leave their cars at home."

If you have any queries or questions, you can contact EHDC’s regeneration team at placemaking@easthants.gov.uk