Performance and strategy

Many documents in this section result from government legislation. For a full list of our policies and strategies, please visit the Policy Hub.

Corporate strategy

The corporate strategy sets out what the council's role is, where we will be directing our efforts and what we hope to achieve to improve the quality of life across our district.

Annual report

Every year East Hampshire District Council produces the annual report which highlights the council's achievements over the last financial year.

The report looks at the council's vision for the future as well as other informant areas such as financial sustainability, economic growth and public service excellence.

Business plan overview

The council’s business plan sets out the council’s mission in shaping council services, ensuring communities of East Hampshire are increasingly prosperous, vibrant and active.

Business strategy 2015-20

Working collaboratively to create a sustainable local economy, a vibrant business & visitor destination with an unparalleled quality of life, where highly productive businesses create quality jobs for local people.

Emergency response plan

The key to an effective emergency response is the application of sound corporate principles and inter-agency co-operation. The purpose of this document is to set out those principles and provide a plan to enable the District Council to perform its function as a Category 1 responder.

Energy strategy

The energy strategy will help the council to deliver a low-carbon, energy efficient, economically vibrant community.

It builds on the Corporate Strategy (above) and the Joint Core Strategy, also known as the Local Plan, that will shape and guide development in East Hampshire to 2028.

Organisational development strategy 2018-21

The organisational development strategy sets-out how the council will deliver on its desire and vision to employ the right people, with the right skills and attitude, in the right job, in the right environment and paid the right rate.

Residents survey 2018

In June 2018 the East Hampshire District Council Residents' Survey 2018 was sent to 3,200 randomly selected households. 801 completed returns were received. Here is an infographic of the results.