Useful practical advice is contained in A Stitch in Time.

EHDC has a modest historic grant budget towards the repair (not general maintenance) of listed buildings and other buildings or features of historic interest.

What the grant can be used for

The grant is aimed at assisting with the more specialist skills required and is prioritised towards:

  • buildings that are listed
  • buildings that have been identified as being “at risk”
  • listed ecclesiastical buildings
  • listed buildings owned or operated by charities
  • features of no economic value; for example the repair of historic boundary walls or monuments.

What the grant can't be used for

Grants are not provided to commercial organisations or businesses.

Grants are subject to a number of conditions set out in the guidance notes.

In particular where a property is sold within three years of the grant payment we reserve the right to seek repayment in full or part.

While new owners are not excluded, the expectation is that the cost of repairs should be taken into account when determining the purchase price. 

The purpose of the grant is to assist with the long term conservation of the building and not to reward purchaser or vendor.