RAPP and Get Activ8d FAQs

1. How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel an individual booking then you can call 01730 234395. If you would like to cancel all your bookings this can be done via your account online.

2. Can I leave my 7-year-old at Get Activ8d?

Yes, unless the activity states otherwise. If the activity provider states that the child must be 8 years or older due to health and safety reasons, then we must adhere to it.

3. What is the youngest age that I can leave a child at RAPP?

The minimum age is 8 years old. This is due to working in conjunction with Ofsted guidelines and staffing ratios.

4. Can my 4-year-old take part in RAPP and not pay?

No, the pricing for RAPP sessions are currently set at £6.00 per child unless stated otherwise.

5. Why does the system not keep or store my child/children’s information from previous bookings?

Once the events have taken place we have no reason to store the personal information about your child, so it is deleted. This is to ensure that we comply with data protections regulations.

6. Can I pay on the day and pay now?

No, only one payment is required.

7. Can I just turn up on the day to RAPP and Get Activ8d without a booking?

Get Activ8d sessions must be pre-booked. RAPP session spaces are limited so we suggest booking to avoid disappointment. You may register with the teams on the day if there is availability for the session. Please be aware you may have to wait 10- 15 minutes to see if any spaces become available. It is cash only on the door and we would ask if you could pay with correct change if possible.

8. Can I go on a waiting list for events that are sold out?

No, there is currently no system in place for this.

9. Why can I not see a session that I would like to book?

This is because this session is fully booked.