Settlement policy boundary review

The role of the 'settlement policy boundary review' is to define the built limits of a settlement and differentiate between what is the built form of a settlement where the principle of development is usually acceptable and the countryside where development is strictly controlled.

East Hampshire District Council have reviewed settlement boundaries to support the Draft Local Plan. The main aims for reviewing settlement boundaries are:

  • to ensure that settlement boundaries are logical and easy to identify on the ground
  • to identify what parts of the settlement should and should not be included within a settlement boundary.

An Interim Methodology Paper has been produced to provide the background and justification for the review of the settlement boundaries through the emerging Local Plan.

It includes a list of matters that have been considered when determining if and how an existing settlement boundary should be changed.

It also includes maps and tables for East Hampshire District (outside the SDNP), illustrating the proposed changes and explaining the reasons for them.

Settlement boundaries within the National Park have been considered separately by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) as part of their emerging Local Plan (currently at examination).