Terms and conditions for the garden waste collection service


  • Garden waste can only be collected from garden waste sacks or wheeled bins issued by East Hampshire District Council
  • A valid licence is issued on payment and lasts one year from the end of the month in which they are issued
  • Every sack and/or bin put out for collection must have one valid annual licence
  • Garden waste sacks or wheeled bins must be placed at the roadside edge of the property by 7am on the day of your collection
  • If your sack or wheeled bin is ever missed and you are sure there was no good reason for this then please contact us before 4pm the next working day on 01730 234 295 (a local rate number).

Special collection arrangements

  • Other collection arrangements may be agreed to help anyone who has difficulty putting their sack out. Please contact us on 01730 234 295 for further information.

People living in hard to reach properties

If you live in a hard to reach property (calendars H1 to H7), you will be unable to use the garden waste service.

Christmas suspension

  • Garden waste collections will be suspended for a two-week period over the Christmas holiday, for dates please refer to your waste collection calendar.

Sack licences

  • The garden waste sack collection service is no longer open to new customers. Only customers who have current, active sack licences will be able to renew them.

What you can put in your wheeled bin or sack

  • The garden waste you provide must fit within the dimensions of the wheeled bin or sack you put out. The maximum weight for a sack is 16kg. For details of what can and can’t be taken, see www.easthants.gov.uk/garden-waste


  • To help you renew your licence(s) a renewal letter or email will be sent to you well before any licence expires
  • As soon as we receive your renewal, we will ensure collections continue even if your current licence expires before you receive the new one. Please continue putting out your sacks or wheeled bin.




  • Overpayments will be returned to customers as soon as possible
  • The service itself is non-refundable.

Once payment has been received, please refer to these terms and conditions as no further letters will be sent unless requested.