Tourist signs

Tourist signs help to safely guide road users to a specific attraction or facility along the most appropriate route.

Tourism signing should not be seen as an advertisement for the attraction or facility.

As well as directing visitors to attractions they were already going to visit, tourist signs can help generate unplanned visits.

Tourism plays an important role in local economy and the council are very keen to support this industry.

How to apply

Download a copy of our application form and return it to the address provided on the form.


  • Preliminary enquiry - no charge
  • Formal application (including vetting and definitive response) - £253 (non-returnable)
  • Provision of signs (including manufacture, supply and erection) - actual cost (varies according to number and size of signs, number of posts required)
  • Administration (including signing scheme design and documentation) - 20% of the work cost; subject to £100 minimum charge
  • Supervision (including ordering work and inspection) - 10% of the work cost; subject to £50 minimum charge
  • Replacement - actual cost plus supervision fees

You are free to obtain comparative quotations and nominate a contractor to carry out signing work. However, any contractor must be approved by Hampshire County Council.

All work by the contractor must conform with all relevant health and safety regulations, British and European Standards, codes of practice other requirements of the County Council or the Highways Agency if the work is on a motorway or trunk road.

The supervision and maintenance fee will still be payable if you arrange signing independently, plus a fee for traffic management audit of 5% or a minimum of £25.

VAT is not applicable on these charges where the work is undertaken by the County Council or its contractors.