Freedom of Information (FoI)

Freedom of Information (FoI)

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right to access many types of recorded information held by public organisations, such as the council. ‘Recorded information’ means information that is:

  • Held on computers
  • In emails
  • In printed or handwritten documents
  • In images, video and audio recordings.

Where can I find the information?

A lot of council information is available on our website through our Publication Scheme. This is a requirement of the Freedom of Information Act.

You can also apply to us for information that is not part of the Publication Scheme. We must reply to your request within 20 working days.

There are some types of information that we won’t be able to give you for legal reasons, for example, because it would give you personal information about someone else. This is covered by the Data Protection Act.

How do I apply for information not in the Publication Scheme?

The easiest way to submit an FOI request is to set up a My East Hampshire District Council account and complete the form online.

Why register?

  • Get access to a growing range of council services, available 24/7
  • Track the progress of your request and get updates

If you don’t want to register

FOI requests must be submitted in writing and include your name and a postal or email address so we can contact you with our response. Try to be as specific as you can about the information you want.

You can use the following alternative methods to submit your FOI request:
Write to: Customer Services (FOI & EIR), Penns Place, Petersfield, Hants GU31 4EX

Is there a charge?

The council can make a charge to cover costs such as photocopying and postage.

How we deal with your request

We must reply within 20 working days. If we can’t give you the information at that time, we will explain why. In complicated cases, the time limit can be extended to a maximum of 40 days from the date of your request.

Can I complain if I’m not happy with the way my request is dealt with?

You can ask for an internal review. You should make your complaint within two months of our response.

The Information Commissioner’s Office recommends that public authorities carry out internal reviews within 20 working days.