Animal welfare

Animal welfare

Our Animal Welfare team provides the following services:


You need a licence to run a business involving animals, such as a pet shop, riding stables, animal boarding establishment, breeding kennel, or zoo.

Lost and stray dogs

Our dog wardens provide the following services:

  • Collection of lost and stray dogs, and rehoming where necessary
  • Microchipping - by 6th April 2016, every dog in the UK must be microchipped. It is the best way of identifying your dog if it is lost or stolen. We can microchip your dog in your home for £21.60, we can also microchip other animals for the same fee.
  • Dog behaviour advice - if you are having problems with your dog, we can advise you.
  • Talks to schools and other groups about being a responsible dog owner and safety around dogs.

These services are available 9am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Please call 01730 234318 or 01730 234319 to enquire.

Dog control orders at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Dog control orders are in place on parts of Butser Hill, making the following an offence in this area:

  • Failing to clean up your dog’s mess
  • Taking more than 6 dogs at a time onto the site
  • Letting your dog off a lead in areas where livestock is grazing.

You can see the boundaries of the orders on the plan of dog control orders.

The details of the three orders:


We deal with animal-related issues, such as dog fouling, noisy dogs, dangerous dogs, and animal welfare concern, such as cruelty and neglect. To make a complaint please contact us online or call the Animal Welfare office on 01730 234319.