Budgets and spending

Budgets and spending

How we are funded 2016-17

The council gets its funding from these areas:

Funding sources Millions £
Council tax 6.544
New Homes Bonus 3.345
Releases from reserves 2.516
Formula Grant 0.734
Retained Business Rates 1.601
Other general government grants 0.805
Investment property income 1.38
Interest on investments 0.41
Collection Fund prior year surplus (0.524)
Total 16.811

Council tax distribution

We only keep back a small amount of your council tax. Our main role is as a collecting authority – we distribute the money like this:

Council tax distribution Percent
Hampshire County Council 71.8%
Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner 10.6%
East Hampshire District Council 9%
Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority 4.2%
Parish councils 4.4%