Councillor community grants

Councillor community grants

All councillors have a small budget of £4,500 that they can spend on projects or initiatives within their local area.

The Councillor Community Grants Scheme now gives local councillors discretion to award grants of between £100 and £1,000 to support local projects or initiatives within their wards.

The scheme is intended to fund projects that improve local communities through:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Healthier lifestyles and activities
  • Support for disadvantaged people
  • Supporting economic development
  • Community engagement
  • Capacity building
  • Other community benefit.

Community groups and voluntary organisations supporting local communities are invited to apply directly to the ward councillor for the area where their project is based. The councillor will make an initial assessment of the merits of the scheme and, subject to the application meeting certain criteria, will then decide whether to approve funding.

All application forms need to be countersigned by the supporting councillor before being submitted.

Guidance notes are included within the application form.