A housing officer for housing, homelessness and Hampshire Home Choice, will only be available Monday to Friday from 0930-1230. Afternoons are for pre-booked appointments only.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are homeless immediately, please call the offices on 01730 234415 when an initial assessment of your needs can be completed over the phone.

Housing service

The service deals with matters relating to Housing Options and Homelessness in East Hampshire District. There is a great demand for social housing in the district, and the law dictates that we must give priority housing to those with the greatest need.

We many not have a duty to assist you but we are able to offer advice to everyone about their housing situation.

For most households the chances of being offered a property by us is extremely low, and you should think about alternative housing options.

The council no longer manages or provides affordable housing. This is done by not-for-profit organisations called Housing Associations or Social Landlords. They sell or rent properties at a lower cost than market prices and manage thousands of homes in this area. The council operates a choice based lettings scheme, called Hampshire Home Choice, which all the housing associations with stock in the district are signed up to

Housing benefit

If you rent your home and are on a low income, you may be able to claim housing benefit to help pay your rent.

Domestic violence and housing need

Southern Domestic Abuse Service runs refuge accommodation offering support and temporary accommodation to women and children escaping domestic abuse.

They also offer outreach services to women, children, young people and men not staying in a refuge but still in need of advice, support and information.

Home improvement schemes

Cosy East Hampshire is a council-led scheme to help residents save money by making energy-saving home improvements.

We also offer an out of hours service for emergency cases. In this instance, please call 07850 358156.