Licensing and permits

You may need a licence, certificate or permit for some business activities, as well as other things, such as street parties.

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If you are refused a licence, you can usually appeal to the magistrates court.

You should first contact the licensing team.

Royal Wedding Licensing Hours

The Government has published the Licensing Act 2003 (Royal Wedding Licensing Hours) Order 2018, which will extend the hours for certain licensable activities during the up and coming royal wedding.

The Order will extend opening hours on the nights of Friday 18 May and Saturday 19 May to 1am the following mornings for the sale of alcohol for consumption on licensed premises including the supply of alcohol on Club Premises in England and Wales. If a premises takes advantage of the ability to provide alcohol till 1am, they will also be able to provide late night refreshment up until 1am. 

The important points to note are that the hours for Regulated Entertainment are not extended and it only applies to the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises.

Premises must hold a valid Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate issued under the Licensing Act 2003 in order to take advantage of the above.