Recycling and waste

Recycling and waste

What we collect

We collect black bins (recycling) and green bins (household waste) on alternate weeks, which means that although bins are collected each week on the same day you need to remember which colour bin to put out.

We also collect glass - the glass boxes are collected every four weeks.

We offer an extra service where we will collect your garden waste for a small annual cost. If you opt for this service collections are on the same day as your refuse (green) bin.

Bins and boxes should be put out by 7am on collection day.

Recycling - black bin

Put all your clean, dry and loose recycling in your black bin(s) – this includes:

  • newspapers, magazines and cardboard   
  • telephone directories
  • clean food and drink cans and tins
  • clean plastic bottles (no lids)
  • domestic empty aerosol cans without lids (no 'hazardous' symbols)

Things that can’t go in the bin are:

  • plastic bags or hard plastic containers like yoghurt pots or margarine tubs
  • glass, textiles or commercial waste
  • shredded paper or tissue paper  
  • polystyrene  
  • food and drink cartons (such as those made by Tetra Pak)

Excess recycling

We will collect as much recycling as your household can put out – you can either order more black bins for this or put items in an open plastic box or clear plastic bag next to your bin.

You can also recycle extra items including glass or textiles at:

Rubbish – green bin

Only fill your green bin with normal household domestic waste and don’t include these items – if you do we won’t be able to take it:    

  • stones or brick rubble    
  • DIY materials
  • paint, chemicals or oil   
  • hot ashes    
  • clinical or infectious waste like sharps
  • commercial, trade or industrial waste   
  • scrap metal    
  • poisonous or noxious waste    
  • garden waste    
  • electrical products

Overloaded bins or extra rubbish

We can only collect one 240 litre green bin per household (and no extra rubbish bags). If the bin is overloaded our crew will:

  • remove the excess
  • empty the bin
  • put the excess back in

Extra rubbish

You can dispose of excess and bulky waste at your local household waste recycling centres (the ‘dump’ or ‘tip’);

If you regularly produce excess waste we can advise you on how to recycle more of your waste. 

If you are a family of 6 or have qualifying medical reasons, you could get an additional 140 litre bin. Contact us and we can discuss your circumstances.

We can collect bulky household waste for you (there is a charge for this service).

Glass collection

Put your glass box out by 7am on your recycling day – we will collect it every four weeks.

Rinsed out glass bottles and jars of all colours can go in the box, but no tops or corks.

Do not include:

  • pyrex
  • light bulbs
  • glass panes
  • lead crystal glass
  • ceramics
  • non-glass items
  • broken glass (this should be carefully wrapped and put into your refuse bin)

We won't be able to take your box if it has incorrect items, and you'll have to remove these before the next collection.

Too much glass?

Only glass contained within the EHDC box can be collected. If you regularly have excess glass, additional glass boxes can be purchased direct from Biffa on 01962 670706. Only 38 litre boxes will be collected.

Alternatively you can use bottle banks for larger quantities of bottles and jars.

Garden waste service

Garden Waste collection service

Sign up for this service and you can buy a 240 litre brown bin. 


The cost of the garden waste collection service is changing on the 1st of April 2016 for the first time since the 1st of April 2013. Find out more about our new pricing structure.

Price Transition period:

Those customers renewing their licence/s which expire on the 31/03/2016 will be able to renew at the original price (as they would have done had they renewed before 1st April 2016) during a grace period which will last until 31/04/2016 as these will be viewed as a grace period renewals.

Any other new licences or renewed licences after the 1st of April 2016 will be purchased according to the new price system.

Putting out waste

You should put out your bin on the same day as your green refuse bin.  We don’t run this service over the Christmas period. If you prefer, you can take your rubbish to your local household waste and recycling centre. 

All garden waste collected goes to a composting site in Hampshire and is made into organic soil conditioner, widely used in local parks and formal gardens. 

You should try to compost as much of your garden and kitchen waste as possible, as this is better for the environment and saves on fuel and transportation costs.

What can go in the bin:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings
  • weeds
  • small branches  
  • leaves (small amounts)
  • prunings

What you can't put in:

  • soil/concrete/rubble
  • vegetable peelings
  • food scraps
  • coal ash
  • animal waste
  • commercial waste
  • general household waste 

How to join

Complete our Garden Waste application form and return it with your payment (either cheque or debit card details) to: Garden Waste, East Hampshire District Council, Penns Place, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4EX.

Please allow 21 days from the date we receive your application for your bin to be delivered.

Clinical waste

If you need to set up a healthcare waste collection you must ask your doctor, district nurse, hospital or Primary Care Trust GP to make the request for you. They should have access to the Healthcare Waste Collection Referral Form which must be filled out and returned to us.

To arrange a collection or further information please call 0300 300 0013.

We split infectious healthcare waste into these categories:

Infectious waste (including syringes or needles)

We currently make separate weekly or on-demand collections of infectious waste from domestic properties. The orange sacks and yellow boxes are exchanged on a like for like basis, so if two sacks are put out for collection, two empty ones will be left to replace them.

Offensive or hygiene waste

You can put things like sanitary waste, nappies, incontinence pads and other similar waste in your green rubbish bin for normal collection.

If you think that you need more space we may be able to provide you with additional capacity. You will need to complete a healthcare waste referral form, available from your local healthcare professional.

You should dispose of any liquid hygiene waste either down the sink or toilet.

Cytotoxic or cytostatic waste

We collect this type of waste on demand - it should be left in a purple-lidded sharps box. These boxes, provided on prescription with the medicines or sharps by your healthcare professional, are not exchanged on a like for like basis.

Waste produced through treatment in the home by a healthcare professional will not be collected by EHDC as it should be removed by the healthcare professional.

Bulky waste

We can’t take large household items like fridges, freezers and sofas with your usual rubbish – to get rid of these you need to either book a collection or take them to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (the ‘dump’ or ‘tip’).

Our charges for collecting these items are:

  • £16.00 - single items (one chair, table, single-sized mattress, radiator, vacuum cleaner, TV, bicycle, fence panel, door, under counter fridge or freezer)
  • £22.66 - one large or two/three small items
  • £37.33 - 1 cu metre
  • £62.78 - 2 cu metre
  • £106.60 - 3 cu metre
  • £127.97 - 4 cu metre

All of the above include VAT

Note: Unfortunately due to a regulation change at Hampshire County Council Transfer Stations, we are now unable to collect commercial fridge/freezers. Residents that require commercial fridge/freezer removal will have to seek an alternative company to dispose of these items.

To book and pay for a collection, contact Biffa Waste Services on 01962 670706.


If you get housing or council tax benefit you can get a discount for one collection (up to 4 items) a year. 

Call us on 0300 300 0013 for more details.

Collection times

We will confirm a collection time with you (usually Tuesday or Thursday) when we’ve received your payment.

You should leave your items at the front of your property - either in your front garden or driveway.

Other ways to dispose of large items

The Furniture Helpline in Bordon may be able to take your unwanted furniture, white goods and bedding. They will refurbish and reuse any chosen items.

Telephone: 01420 489000

Reuse and repair sites

Local charities can utilise items which are still in working order. Alternatively unwanted items can be reused or repaired rather than being thrown away and benefit others. See how your unwanted items could benefit others.

For more information about where you can send items for reuse or repair please visit Hampshire County Council's guide on reuse sites.

Further advice can be found at:

Where to take excess waste

Your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centres are:

  • Alton – Omega Park Industrial Estate
  • Bordon – Station Road
  • Petersfield – Bedford Road
  • Waterlooville – Old Park Farm nr Argur Road